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Distinguished Public Service Award
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  • Current or former Connecticut resident or other significant and meaningful relationship to Connecticut.
  • Usually non-lawyer.
  • Distinguished self in his or her profession.

  • Made significant contribution to society. This contribution should be in addition to or outside of a candidate's area of endeavor.
  • Mandatory that recipient attends the Annual Dinner of Connecticut Bar Association to accept award.
  • Not necessarily an annual award.


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Past Recipients


1951   Richard Rogers

1952   Edward J. Hickey

1953   Helen A. Keller

1954   Igor I. Sikorsky, Sr.

1955   Marian Anderson

1956   Albert N. Jorgenson

1957   Ira V. Hirscock

1958   Roy E. Larsen

1959   Gov. Abraham Ribicoff

           William S. Gordon (posthumously)

           Ernest W. McCormick

           Elias Clark

           Charles W. Pettengill

1960   Lawrence Langner

1961   Dr. Francis J. Braceland

1962   Beatrice Fox Auerbach

1963   Gladden W. Baker

1964   Jack Roosevelt Robinson

1965   Norman Cousins

1966   Louis Schweitzer

1967   Henry R. Luce (posthumously)

1968   Hon. Raymond E. Baldwin

1969   John Hersey

1970   Hon. Philip C. Jessup

1971   William Benton

1972   Homer D. Babbidge

1973   Chase Going Woodhouse

1974   Roger Troy Peterson

1975   Dr. T. Stewart Hamilton

1976   Chester Bowles

1977   John J. McCloy

1978   Mother Bernadette of the Carmelite Order

1979   Eva LeGallienne

1980   Benny Goodman

1981   Barbara Wertheim Tuchman

1982   Harrison Salisbury

1983   Robert Penn Warren

1984   Professor Thomas

           Irwin Emerson


1985   William Manchester

1986   A. Bartlett Giamatti

1987   Malcolm Baldridge

1988   Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

1989   Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.

1990   Walter Sullivan

1991   Lloyd Richards

1992   Dave Brubeck

1993   William A. O’Neill

1994   Arthur Miller

1995   Hon. Drew S. Days III

1996   Charles H. Kaman

1997   James L. Tobin

1998   David E.A. Carson

1999   James P. Comer, M.D.

2000   Anne Tyler Calabresi

2001   John L. Lahey

2002   Harold Hongju Koh

2003   Geno Auriemma

2004   Wally Lamb

2005   Dr. Henry C. Lee

2006   Faith Middleton

2007   Michael Bolton

2008   Colleen Zenk Pinter and Mark Pinter

2009   Mia Dillon

2010   Jim Calhoun

2011   The Honorable Richard M. Blumenthal

2013   Ralph Nader
Carlton L. Highsmith
2016   Sister Maureen Faenza and Sister Theresa Fonti
2017   E. Patricia Llodra