Diversity and Inclusion Committee Meeting (CDC190520): An Unfiltered Conversation on Race

May 20, 2019

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

CBA Law Center

30 Bank Street New Britain, Connecticut United States

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  • Aigné Goldsby
  • Maggie Castinado
  • Dwight Merriam
  • Troy Brown
  • Meghan Korn
  • Alix Simonetti
  • Keith Soressi
  • Jonathan Shapiro
  • David DeRosa
  • Cecil Thomas
  • Michelle Querijero
  • Christine Jean-Louis
  • Leanna Zwiebel


Troy Brown, Assistant Director of Program and Staff Development for the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division’s (CSSD)
Meghan Korn, Juvenile Matters Supervisor with the Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (CSSD)

Program Description

In this facilitated dialogue the audience will participate in personal challenges about their perceptions, feelings, opinions, actions and thoughts about other races.

Unfiltered Conversation on Race will explore questions such as:

  1. What do you think about white people or people of color?
  2. Do you really want to know what black and brown people think about white people and what white people think about black and brown people?
  3. What do black and brown people say about white people when they are not around?  What do white people say when black and brown people are not around?

Unlike most public discussions on race, which tend to be one dimensional, this conversation will not focus exclusively on the perspective of black people.  Why?...because race is an issue for black and white people.

This dialogue is intended to initiate a conversation that will eventually lead to better understanding between black and white individuals living in the United States.

This conversation will require both black people and white people to dig down deep and share their personal perspectives about how they think and feel about the other race.  This is a hard conversation and the facilitator will ensure that participants hear and answer hard questions and perceptions.

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