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Compensation Quarterly
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  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 01
    COMPENSATION QUARTERLY Volume I Number I December, 1990 THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Point - Counterpoint Editor's Note: Robert R. Sheldon is a named partner in the Bridgeport law firm of Tremont & Sheldon, P.C. emphasizing clai- mant representation. VIDEOTAPE SURVEILLANCE DOES IT HAVE A PLACE? Jim Sheridan is a 43-year old laborer who suffered a compen- sable back injury in May,
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 02
    COMPENSATION QUARTERLY Number 1 THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE December, 1991 Point- Counterpoint Editor's Note: Frank A. May, Esq. is a named partner in the Glastonbury law firm of Monstream and May. -POINT- LIMITATIONS ON 31-308a Benefits In recent years a demand for 31-308a benefits seems to arise in almost every case. It is well, therefore, to keep in mind that 31-308a is a discre
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 03
    . COMPENSATION QUARTERLY Volume 3 Number l Winter 1993 THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Point - Counterpoint POINT Editor's Note: James P. Berryman, Esq. is a partner in the New London law firm of Suisman, Shapiro, Wool, Brennan & Gray, P.C. Dear Claimant's Counsel: Has this ever happened to you? You're seated at an informal conference with your 58 year old, lOth grade educated ex-
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 04
    COMPENSATION QUARTERLY Volume 4 Number 1 .Winter 1994 THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Point- Counterpoint Public Act 93-228 P 0 IN T Editor's Note: Steven H. Cousins, Esq. is associated with the laUI finn of Cousins & Johnson located in Stratford, CT. The spirit which lead to the enactment of the Connecticut Work~ men's Compensation Act in 1913 (later -Workers' Compensation Act), wa
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 05
    COMPENSATION QUARTERLY VolumeS Number 1 Winter 1995 THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Medical Authorizations: Rights, Responsibilities & Remedies Editor's Note: Robert FitzGerald, Esq. is a named partner in the law firm of Fitzgerald & Prucker located in Hartford, Connecticut. No workers' compensation claimant can be required to provide a medical authorization for a respondent. I rep
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 06
    I I I Compen~ation Quarterly - Winter I Spring 1996 0COMPENSATION QUARTERLY. -::~~;! THE WORKER'S COMPENSATION UPDATE ( IS APPORTIONMENT DEAD IN DISTINCT INJURY CASES AFTER THOMEN V. TURRI ELECTRIC? PoiNT Editor's Note: Attorney Janine D'Angelo is an associate . with the law firm of Trowbridge, Schoolcraft & Basine, PC in Hartford, CT. Failing to see the forest for the trees is
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 07
    Compensation Quarterly- Summer 1997 COMPENSATION QUARTERLY Volume7 Number3 THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Summer SHOULD RESPONDENTS COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY WITH A TREATING PHYSICIAN? PoiNT Editor's Note: Frank A. May, Esq. is a named partner in the law firm ofMontstream & May, L.L.P. in Glastonbury, CT. The claim that respondents cannot legally communicate directly with a treating ph
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 08
    Compensation Quarterly - Summer 1998 ~OMPENSATION QUARTERLY Volume 8 Numberl THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Summer :CON_SIITUTIONAiiTY OF RENO_TJ_C_E TO THE SECONDJNJURY FUND PoiNT CouNTERpoiNT Editor's Note: Michael Belzer is an assistant Attorney General with the state of Connecticut. The opinions expressed in this writing are strictly those of the writer. Any resemblance to tho
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 09
    Compensation Quarterly- Spring 1999 nCOMPENSATION QUARTERLY Volume9 . . .. N.;_lllber i . ( THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Spring t999. FEATURE ARTICLE IHE ST ATUIE_Q_E_NQN-C LAI M: HAVE IHEXCEPTIQNS_Sl\'ALLOWED THE RULEl By: Jeffrey J. Oliveira' . Editor's Note: Atty. Oliveira is associated with the law offices of Moynahan, Ruskin, Mascolo & Minnella Yes, the statute oflimitat
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 10
    . . . Comp~nsation Quarterly Winter 2000 .COMPENSATION QUARTERLY~~~=~:rl~ .. THE: WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Winter i-. FEATlJR~ ARTIClE SPECIALIZATION .. Editor's Note: James P. Berryman is a Director in the Law Firm of Suisman, Shapiro, Wool, .Brei1nan, Gray& Greenberg, P.C. in N~wLondon,. . 1. SPECTAT.TZATlON Webster's Dictionary defines it as "a making or be~oming specializ
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 11
    : CoJ1lpensation Quarterly - Winter 200:1 . COlVIPENSATION QUARTERLY tiTHE WORKERS' COMPENSATION UPDATE Volumell Numberl Wiuter2001 WORKERS' COMPENSATIONJNTHE NEW 1VIILLENNIUM: ]'ill: llVlPAcr oF NEw TECHNOLOGIES AND DEVELoPMENTS ' . ' . - - ' - . - - Thetopic oftheWinterandSpting issue.s Ofth~ Compensation Quarterly .is the direction ofWork<;1s; Comp~nsa:tion in the new millennium,
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 12
    ' Compensation Quarterly- Winter 2002 . COMPENSATION QUARTERLY .THJ;,.r~ga,l}ERS' COMPENSATION. UPDATE. Volume12 Numberl Winter2002 \i~ :.\}/'.. .IJ 1S\')~ \~'\. w . . .R .. I . . . . . . '\'\ ~'~~~~ ,;r
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 13
    CBA Newsletter 1 In this writers opinion, respondents should not and need not engage in ex-parte communications with a treating physician. Why do respondents need ex-parte communication in the first place? Further, what justification exists to embrace a practice that would certainly foster an atmosphere of suspicion and hostility in a bar that is generally known for the civility with which its m
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 14
    Compensati~n ~uarterly w .... : .. Diagnosis, Causation and Evaluation of Workplace Lung Diseases: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Gerardi Interviewed by Frank V. Costello Q Good morning, Dr. Gerardi. Today I would like to tdlk to, you about some of the common occupational lung diseases, their causes, and the resultant impairments. Can you first categorize for me the diffirent types of lung
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 15
    0 ~ompensation Uar te rly Volumel5Numberl Winter 2005 llrtificial I>isc Replacement Surgery An Interview with Dr. James J. Yue Interviewed by: Kristen Sotnick Falls, Esq. One recent afternoon, Compensation Quarterly interviewed Dr. Yue to learn more about the newest developments related to artificial disc replacement, FDA clinical trials and anticipated FDA approval. We began the intervi
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 16
    G Compensation Uar te rly Volume!GNumber! Winter 2006 ~~ The Independent Medical Examination (/ME): What You Should Expect by RonaldA. Ripps, MD, CIME The American Medical Association initially published the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment in 1971. In the most recent issue of the Guides Newsletter, several highly experienced examiners were charged with the responsibilit
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 17
    Compensation Uarterly Volume17Numberl Winter 2007 ~ ............... _ E I VE n Navigating the Appeals Process in a 2 s zu(.;OJnnecticut Workers' Compensation Claim by jason Dodge Appeals to the Compensation Review Board General Statutes 31-301 allows for appeals to the Compensation Review Board (CRB). In 2001, the time for filing an appeal to the CRB was expanded from ten to twenty day
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 18
    ~ompensation ~uarterly Volume 18 Number 1 Wmter 2008 Pain Management From Anesthesiologist's Perspective An Interview with Dr. Dwight Ligham Dr. Dwight Ligham graduated from the State University of New York (Syracuse) medical school cum laude in 1992 and completed his anesthesiology and pain medicine subspecialty training at Yale University. He is board certified in anesthesiology and boar
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 19
    CBA Newsletter 24.indd continued on page 8 Although the lowering of energy prices has reduced the immediate demand for telecommuting, the ease with which employees can remotely access their employers information systems and the flexibility that it provides to both employees and employers suggests that the number of telecommuters will continued to increase.1 However, some issues remain to be
  • Compensation Quarterly Volume 20
    CQ: Dr. Hodgson, can you please describe your education, training, and experience in the field? After graduating from high school in Washington, D.C. in 1966, I attended university in Germany, studying medicine at the universities of Wuerzburg, Heidelberg, and Frankfurt, from where I graduated in 1975. After an extensive rotating internship, I started in a training program for surgery and occu
    Displaying results 1 - 20 of 115
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