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  • The Path Out: Succession Planning and Leaving the Practice of Law CLE (EDU191204)


    What would happen to your practice or firm in the event of your death or incapacitation? Do you have a succession plan in place? Are you prepared? Some lawyers die at their desks, leaving the cleanup to their partners, other lawyers, or family members. Other lawyers wind down their practices and close the doors. But, there is another alternative that may be the best choice—that is to develop a suc…
  • Cyber Security: Nuts and Bolts to Protect Your Information CLE (EDU190913)


    Cyberattacks are a real and present threat to all data systems. Attorneys have an ethical responsibility to protect their clients' information from hackers. Learn practical nuts and bolt applications to protect your information from external intrusion.
  • Marketing Your Law Practice: Strategies, Tools, and Ethics CLE (EDU190910)


    This CLE is for any attorney who wants to get a better understanding of the basics of marketing and advertising both online and offline to develop their practice. For newer practitioners it will help you develop an understanding of resources available for free or reasonably priced. For seasoned attorneys, it will help you navigate the discussions and understand core concepts as you vet vendors wis…
  • DMV Per Se: Hearings and Appeals CLE (EDU191016)


    DMV Per Se: Hearings and Appeals covers the entirety of the DMV per se process. It gives you a basic understanding of the winning and losing issues to raise at a DMV hearing as well as the methods for appeal if you lose your hearing.
  • CANCELLED: Privacy & Cyber Security in Healthcare and Its Effects on the Legal Community (EYL190507)


    CANCELLED as of 5/1: This program is designed to be a panel discussion on privacy and cyber security in healthcare, with a specific focus on HIPAA. Its purpose will be to provide an update on HIPAA, including a discussion of recent changes to both state and federal laws, as well as recent court decisions impacting the protection and disclosure of patient information for the purposes of litigation.…
  • Successful Succession Planning for Family-Owned Businesses CLE (EYL190326)


    Many attorneys—whether solo or at a small to mid-sized firm—represent businesses that are owned by members of the same family. Many of these clients focus on the day-to-day operations of the organization without giving much consideration to the long-term consequences if someone were to die, become disabled, or retire, or a host of other unexpected events occurs. This program will focus on the key …
  • The Legal Entrepreneur Conference CLE (EDU191029)


    Improving client service, increasing productivity, and lowering business costs. This full-day event will provide you with solutions to meet the challenges of legal technology, law firm management, and productivity. An experienced practitioner and legal tech expert will present seminars on what you need to know about the latest technology.
  • Confusion to Fusion: Creating a Balanced and Rewarding Legal Career CLE (EDU190403)


    To be a good lawyer, one has to be a healthy lawyer. Recent research has disclosed that too many lawyers and law students experience chronic stress and high rates of depression and substance use. Our profession is at a crossroads. To maintain public confidence in the profession, to meet the need for innovation in how we deliver legal services, to increase access to justice, we have to act now. Cha…
  • Defending DUI Charges in CT CLE (EDU190228)


    This program will cover driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Connecticut from start to finish, including DMV administrative per se hearings. Experienced practitioners will discuss best practices for advising and defending clients through every stage in the superior court and DMV process. This program will also cover recent updates to DUI penalties, including the defense of drugged driving.
  • What Every Divorce Lawyer Needs to Know about Criminal Court CLE (EDU190328)


    Unfortunately, sometimes clients going through a divorce or other family law crises wind up with a concurrent criminal case. A divorce attorney needs to understand the ramifications of criminal court orders and consequences to effectively give advice in cases where there may be competing and divergent interests at play.
  • Tips and Trends in Digital Marketing - Virtual Seminar CLE (VSF190115)


    Seth Price, Esq. is the co-founder and managing partner of Price Benowitz LLP, a DC area firm which grew from a two-attorney firm to a mid-size, multi-practice firm under Mr. Price’s direction. He also founded BluShark Digital LLC to bring his depth of knowledge in the SEO and digital marketing field to firms across the country. Seth will be presenting on tips and trends in digital marketing.
  • Productivity Boot Camp: Time and E-mail Management for Lawyers CLE (EDU190131)


    Learn how to prioritize, organize, delegate, and minimize interruptions so you can devote more time to serving clients and developing new ones — while being less stressed and more effective in the process. Increase your productivity and effectiveness by managing your environment, routines, boundaries, and choices. Get specific strategies, tactics, and tools that will help you gain greater control …
  • CANCELLED: Niche Marketing - Virtual Seminar


    This event will be rescheduled for a later date. Connecticut’s own Jay Ruane is a master of legal marketing. He is a frequently sought after speaker across the country. No one knows how to grow a practice like Jay. Jay has built his firm through niche marketing.
  • Improv for Law Firms - Virtual Seminar


    Julia Pistell is the founder of Sea Tea Improv in Hartford. She is amazing at all she does. In addition to putting on hilarious shows (really you must go), Julia is also hired by some of Connecticut’s largest companies to teach improv for business. Learn how creating a culture based on the principles of improv can improve your practice, your firm, and benefit your clients.
  • NEW DATE: The Power of a System and Referral Marketing - Virtual Seminar


    John Fisher is a New York Medical Malpractice attorney. He has spoken just about everywhere on his book “Power of A System”. John will discuss how solos and small law firms can transform their practice by implementing systems. John also runs the Nation’s pre-eminent legal mastermind - The Mastermind Experience.
  • How to Build a Successful Firm - Virtual Seminar


    Billie attended University of San Diego Law School and the University of Oregon School of Law, graduating in 2005. She worked at several firms in Eugene including the Department of Justice, Family Law Division, the non-profit A Family for Every Child and clerked at the Lane County Juvenile Court under Justice Kip Leonard. Her legal focus is on education law, including special education within scho…
  • The Keys to Small Firm Success - Virtual Seminar


    Tyson Mutrux is the host of the Maximum Lawyer Podcast - the leading Solo and Small Firm Podcast in the country. Tyson will discuss common issues, themes, and problems that he has observed from interviewing over 110 of the nation’s top solo and small firm attorneys. While not hosting a podcast, Tyson also runs a successful personal injury practice in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Ethics and Malpractice - Virtual Seminar


    Robert Cassot is a partner at Morrison Mahoney. Robert’s practice focuses on defending lawyers in ethics and malpractice cases. He will discuss trends in grievance and malpractice cases and steps attorneys can take to protect themselves before and during a claim.
  • Tools to Ethically Manage Client Trust Accounts CLE (EPE181205)


    Lawyers are required to keep detailed and accurate records of funds deposited into their trust (escrow and IOLTA) bank accounts. However, many lawyers do not have adequate or effective procedures to comply. This program will help.
  • A Lawyer's Primer on Blockchain and Smart Contracts CLE (EDU181012)


    Discover what blockchains, smart contracts, ICOs, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are all about. How can attorneys use blockchains and smart contracts to change their everyday practice of law? Find out how the rule of code and the rule of law will intersect and change society as we know it.

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