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  • The Unsung Heroes of the CT Trust Code: Directed and Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (EEP191107)


    Coming January 1, 2020 to a trust office near you! The opportunity to create these unique, modern forms of trust represents a watershed change in Connecticut law that presents great flexibility for clients who need these estate planning vehicles and should be a part of every estate planner’s toolbox. These new trusts have received very little attention since enactment in June. They are not for eve…
  • Impact of Technology on the Legal Profession CLE (EDU191122)


    The legal profession will change over time due to the influence of artificial intelligence and its impact on cognitive industries, e.g. the legal profession. Mr. McDougall will discuss what this means to attorneys and the future of the legal profession.
  • Medical Marijuana – Who Pays? CLE (EYL191203)


    This seminar will discuss medical marijuana and workers’ compensation, and the conflicts between the state of Connecticut (which has a medical marijuana program) and federal law. Learn about the CT medical marijuana scheme and the conflict of law/supremacy clause, constitutionality (what we can and cannot decide in CT), the current cases at the CRB, and what other states have done thus far.
  • Votes for Women 1919 CLE (EDU191027)


    A one-hour lecture on the of the passage of the 19th amendment by congress for American women's right to vote (ratification occurred in 1920). Former State Senator Mary Ann Handley will present this informative talk at the History Center, 175 Pine Street, Manchester.
  • The Ins and Outs of Short Calendar CLE (EYL191202)


    Short calendar has drastically changed in Connecticut over the years and for newly admitted attorneys, speaking before a judge in a courtroom filled with experienced practitioners can be a daunting task. Attendees will receive an overview of Connecticut’s short calendar system, the logistics of short calendar, and how to prepare for short calendar.
  • Title IX Compliance in Higher Ed.: (Proposed) Regulatory Changes & Case Law Developments (EED191121)


    The US Department of Education has proposed substantial changes to Title IX regulations concerning sexual misconduct on campus, which may be implemented this fall. Learn about the history of Title IX; the impact of proposed regulatory changes; and recent developments in the law from an institutional perspective of a Title IX coordinator, from a defendant's perspective, and from a plaintiff's persp…
  • A Review on Golding: Looking Back on 30 Years of Golding Review in the Criminal Context (EYL191217)


    Our panel convenes just prior to the 30th anniversary of the release of arguably one of the most seminal cases in Connecticut appellate jurisprudence, State v. Golding, 213 Conn. 233 (1989). Criminal defendants frequently rely on this method of reviewing previously unpreserved constitutional claims on appeal. Our panelists will discuss the evolution of Golding review over the past 30 years, includ…
  • eDiscovery 101: Collection to Trial Presentation CLE (EDU200319)


    eDiscovery is quickly evolving and sources of electronic data continue to grow. If you had a client contact you today about collecting, managing and presenting their electronic data, would you know what to do or how to advise them? It is no longer acceptable legal practice to claim ignorance to the existence and management of electronic data. Join us for this lunch and CLE to learn how to manage a…
  • Legal Storytelling: How to Persuade with Story CLE (EDU200121)


    People are pattern makers - we take a set of facts, find a pattern, create a narrative, and form a story, which creates a meaning for our world and guides us in our decision making. This seminar reveals the psychology behind story forming, teaches the basic storyform and the universal mythic storyform (The Hero’s Journey), and shows advocates how to adapt that storyform to a trial to persuade a j…
  • Annual Advanced Labor and Employment Law Symposium CLE (ELE200312)


    Presented by the Labor & Employment Law Section
  • Honoring Toni Morrison: The Civil Rights of Lynching Then and Now CLE (EYL191007)


    In Toni Morrison’s 1989 book, Beloved, she discusses the history of American slavery and vividly describes the mutilation of black bodies during lynchings. In light of her recent passing, this CLE will discuss the history of lynching in the United States and how Civil Rights laws have evolved over time to remedy it. We will read specific passages from Beloved, discuss the Civil Rights Act and what…
  • VA Benefits Training CLE (EVM191021)


    This training will help attorneys who provide legal services to veterans with disability and related claims before the Veterans Benefit Administration. We will cover the basics of VA benefits as well as discuss VA decision review, VA claims file review, Legacy v. AMA appeals strategy, and special monthly compensations.
  • Not Just Another Test: How to Effectively Obtain and Interpret Evaluations CLE (EED191025)


    Understanding a student's strengths and weaknesses is critical to effective representation in education matters. Learn how to determine which evaluations are needed and how to read evaluation results to guide appropriate school-based interventions.
  • The Path Out: Succession Planning and Leaving the Practice of Law CLE (EDU191204)


    What would happen to your practice or firm in the event of your death or incapacitation? Do you have a succession plan in place? Are you prepared? Some lawyers die at their desks, leaving the cleanup to their partners, other lawyers, or family members. Other lawyers wind down their practices and close the doors. But, there is another alternative that may be the best choice—that is to develop a suc…
  • Connecticut's Diversity & Inclusion Summit: The Collaborative Blueprint* (CDC191023)


    About the Program "People are opting out of vital conversations about diversity and inclusivity because they fear looking wrong, saying something wrong, or being wrong. Choosing our own comfort over hard conversations is the epitome of privilege, and it corrodes trust and moves us away from meaningful and lasting change.  Rather than spending a reasonable amount of time proactively acknowled…
  • Women in Office and the 19th Amendment CLE (EDU190908)


    Celebrating the historic centennial of women’s suffrage and the growing presence of women in public office, both locally and nationally, the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum will feature a talk entitled, Women in Office and the 19th Amendment, by Connecticut’s Secretary of the State Denise W. Merrill.
  • Representing the Startup Venture 2019 CLE (EBL191113)


    This program focuses on representing the venture startup and dealing with the often complicated legal, tax, financial, and ethical issues involved in working with fast-growing enterprises run by time-challenged entrepreneurs and backed by professional investors.
  • Tax Appeals and Capitalization Rates CLE (EDU191114)


    This seminar is directed toward negotiating capitalization rates in tax appeals matters because the vast majority of tax appeals settle. The same principles would be used at trial but with more evidential rigor. Presenters will provide a very interactive forum to learn effective and successful methods to succeed in tax appeals and capitalization rate challenges.
  • Cyber Security: Nuts and Bolts to Protect Your Information CLE (EDU190913)


    Cyberattacks are a real and present threat to all data systems. Attorneys have an ethical responsibility to protect their clients' information from hackers. Learn practical nuts and bolt applications to protect your information from external intrusion.
  • Marketing Your Law Practice: Strategies, Tools, and Ethics CLE (EDU190910)


    This CLE is for any attorney who wants to get a better understanding of the basics of marketing and advertising both online and offline to develop their practice. For newer practitioners it will help you develop an understanding of resources available for free or reasonably priced. For seasoned attorneys, it will help you navigate the discussions and understand core concepts as you vet vendors wis…

Displaying results 1 - 20 of 124

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