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Continuing Legal Education
  • Mindfulness Spa Retreat (OMR200821)


    Learn practical tips to enhance your well-being as a lawyer, office yoga, alternative work schedules, and the business case for wellness. Former chief justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, John T. Broderick, Jr., will discuss the changing culture surrounding mental illness.
  • WEBINAR: Workers Without Borders (ECS200630)


    In this presentation, we will discuss the necessity of working remotely and doing so optimally. From the beginning steps of setting up a workstation to communicating with the office and accessing tools remotely to staying safe online while doing so, we’ll help you and your staff get closer to that in-office feel without the office.
  • WEBINAR: Media Relations for Lawyers (EML200420)


    The presentation will cover attorney ethical obligations to their clients as well as practical advice on communicating with journalists.
  • The New Title IX Regulations: Impact on Educational Institutions and Expected Changes in Practice


    This seminar will provide practitioners with practical guidance to new regulations governing Title IX issued by the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education and provide background on the development of the regulations, which become effective on August 14, 2020. This seminar will also provide perspectives on how the new regulations will have an impact on institutional representations …
  • Asian American Experiences under COVID-19: Looking Back to Move Forward in the Legal Profession


    Join us for a fireside chat as we discuss discrimination against Asian-Americans throughout history and now, the portrayal of China as a growing threat in the media, and life under COVID-19, including as lawyers. We will have an engaging discussion about what we can do, as individuals and at our companies, to counter these biases in the legal profession.
  • WEBINAR: What You Need to Know as Employers Reopen the Workplace (ELE200619)


    Paula Anthony and Matthew Curtin are back for the Labor and Employment Law Section’s third webinar concerning COVID-19 related employment issues. This time, Joshua Goodbaum and Cindy Cieslak will join the panel for a round table discussion of employment issues on employers’ and employees’ minds as workplaces reopen. The panel will discuss risk factors as employers re-open, maintaining a safe workp…
  • WEBINAR RESCHEDULED FROM 4/3: More Effective Writing Makes More Effective Lawyers CLE (EDU200403)


    Knowing the law is essential—but so is being able to communicate about it. Join writing coach and former attorney Rick Horowitz for this two-day lively and practical seminar that will reintroduce you to your legal-writing toolbox, including a few tools you didn't know were in there. This class explores the fundamentals (and the critical details) of creating clear, well-organized, persuasive legal …
  • WEBINAR: FOIA in the Pandemic Age (EML200610)


    This webinar is designed to give attorneys an overview of Freedom of Information (FOI) law issues and concerns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • WEBINAR: Alternative Facts: The Lies of Executive Order 9066 (EEC200609)


    Join us for a screening of Alternative Facts: The Lies of Executive Order 9066. This documentary uncovers the untold story of false information and political influence, which led to the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans and the Supreme Court case of Korematsu. The documentary also examines the parallels to the targeting of minority groups today and similar attempts to abuse the powe…
  • Clean Energy for Your Clients: Tax Assessment Financing on Commercial Buildings with C-PACE


    This program will give a practical overview of C-PACE finance and legislation as it relates to commercial real estate transactions and investments/improvements by property owners. In particular, it will focus on how C-PACE can be a powerful tool for real estate owners in a challenging economy by allowing for retroactive financing of eligible projects, as well as delayed repayment schedules.
  • WEBINAR: Incorporating Privacy Compliance into Your Practice (ECS200529)


    This session will help lawyers understand the various privacy compliance and ethical rules that apply to law practices in Connecticut and offer tips, best practices, and sample policy language for compliance. The presenters will also provide an overview of the ever-changing privacy landscape on a national level with an emphasis on privacy laws in the neighboring states of New York and Massachusett…
  • PPP Rules and Guidance: Best Practices for Utilizing PPP Loans and Avoiding Pitfalls (ESF200526)


    Many businesses and other borrowers are receiving Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for payroll, mortgage or lease payments, and utility payments. This program will provide you with best practices for utilizing PPP loans as well as the pitfalls to avoid.
  • WEBINAR: Telehealth: Understanding the Basics and the Recent COVID-19 Related Changes (EHL200521)


    In this webinar, the presenters will describe the benefits of telehealth and the legal issues that need to be considered by attorneys advising telehealth providers. From corporate formation to privacy, from licensure to reimbursement, there is no shortage of legal and practical obstacles for telehealth providers. Learn how telehealth providers overcome those challenges and flourish in a tough regu…
  • WEBINAR: What Non-Family Law Attorneys Need to Know during COVID-19 (EFL200521)


    Corporate lawyers, trusts and estates lawyers, government lawyers, civil litigators, real estate attorneys, criminal lawyers, and appellate counsel are all finding themselves fielding more questions on family law matters from their clients and neighbors at a time where they have less clarity about the status of the Family Courts and how Family Law practitioners are able to assist clients during CO…
  • Using Microsoft Teams to Advocate for Clients in Connecticut Judicial Proceedings (ECS200521)


    Connecticut’s Superior Court has begun holding pretrials and status conferences virtually using Microsoft Teams, and it is expected that the courts will begin using Teams for arguable matters in the coming months. This webinar will demonstrate the Teams video platform that the courts will be using to host those arguments as well as the procedures for participating in those video proceedings. In ad…
  • WEBINAR: Remote Depositions (ELS200513)


    In this one-hour program, our panel of experienced practitioners will address the fundamentals of remote depositions, which have become necessary and prevalent during the current global pandemic.
  • WEBINAR: Managing Employees with Serious Health Conditions as Businesses Reopen (EDC200512)


    As businesses look to reopen, there will be a large number of employees with high risk health conditions, which may include both people with and without disabilities. How employers handle this is going to affect the organizations as they look to reopen as well as their diversity and inclusion priorities.
  • POSTPONED: Depositions 101 CLE (EYL200511)


    This seminar provides a framework for deposition practice and procedure for attorneys looking to sharpen their deposition skills. Attendees will learn how to best prepare and execute a deposition from experienced practitioners. This seminar aims to improve deposition practice from the planning stage to the use of deposition materials in motions, trials, and hearings.
  • WEBINAR: Alone Together is the New Normal: Benefits and Pitfalls of Video Mediation (EAD200508)


    Our new parlance includes Webex and Zoom. This program will raise the questions and offer some answers regarding remote video mediation. It will be interactive so that your questions can be answered too.
  • Law Day: Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy


    Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: Celebrating the Centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment in the Age of COVID-19 Description: Secretary Merrill will weave in the Law Day theme: “Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19th Amendment at 100” and suffrage history into a discussion about voting challenges today, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions and answers will follow the …