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  • WEBINAR: Media Relations for Lawyers (EML200420)


    The presentation will cover attorney ethical obligations to their clients as well as practical advice on communicating with journalists.
  • Asian American Experiences under COVID-19: Looking Back to Move Forward in the Legal Profession


    Join us for a fireside chat as we discuss discrimination against Asian-Americans throughout history and now, the portrayal of China as a growing threat in the media, and life under COVID-19, including as lawyers. We will have an engaging discussion about what we can do, as individuals and at our companies, to counter these biases in the legal profession.
  • WEBINAR: Managing Employees with Serious Health Conditions as Businesses Reopen (EDC200512)


    As businesses look to reopen, there will be a large number of employees with high risk health conditions, which may include both people with and without disabilities. How employers handle this is going to affect the organizations as they look to reopen as well as their diversity and inclusion priorities.
  • WEBINAR: Lawyer Obligations in the Time of COVID-19 (EDU200506B)


    The national coronavirus pandemic, and the unprecedented conditions of Stay Safe, Stay Home orders to protect public health, mean that law firms—like all businesses—face an ever-increasing number of uncertainties in managing their operations, staff, payroll, and finances. In this crisis, lawyers must remain mindful of their professional duties to clients, non-clients, and courts.
  • WEBINAR: Tools to Ethically Manage Client Trust Accounts CLE (EPE200505)


    Lawyers are required to keep detailed and accurate records of funds deposited into their trust (escrow and IOLTA) bank accounts. However, many lawyers do not have adequate or effective procedures to comply. This program will help.
  • The Other Silent Killer: Confronting the Mental Illness Epidemic in the Legal Profession (ELW200422)


    From the perspective of both a legal professional and a patient within the mental health system, learn the reasons why the legal profession is dealing with its own epidemic: mental illness. Learn about the profession-specific issues which are not only aggravating factors for pre-existing mental health challenges, but are also causative factors that turn high functioning multi-taskers into people w…
  • POSTPONED: Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Ethical Violations in 2020 CLE (EDU200422)


    In this two-hour seminar, you will learn about the current trends in Professional Responsibility, mistakes that lawyers commonly make and how to avoid them, and how to maintain an appropriate level of technological competence.
  • POSTPONED: Judicial Performance Evaluation Program CLE (EDU200407)


    This presentation will provide attorneys with an overview of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Judicial Performance Evaluation Program (JPEP), including the primary objectives of the program, qualifying criteria for attorney participation, and strict safeguards to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. This presentation will review the process for participation, and how such participation,…
  • POSTPONED: Engagement Letters and Conflicts of Interest CLE (EDU200331A)


    Learn about engagement letters, including how to use them to address conflicts and potential conflicts.
  • POSTPONED: Annual Advanced Labor and Employment Law Symposium CLE (ELE200317)


    This conference will cover a wide range of topics, including significant changes from the National Labor Relations Board under the current administration, challenges in managing a remote workforce, arbitration of employment disputes after Epic Systems, and data privacy issues in the workplace, as well as plenary sessions on an ethics topic and important developments in labor and employment law in …
  • WEBINAR: Marketing Your Law Practice: Practical Tips and Innovative Tricks CLE (ESF200313)


    This seminar will teach you cutting-edge ways to develop your practice and market it to the new generation of legal services consumer for the next decade and beyond. Focusing on digital marketing first, we delve into a better understanding of the basics of online marketing so you can avoid falling prey to vendors just out to scam you of your money. Learn core concepts that will enable you to under…
  • WAIT LIST ONLY: Ethical Considerations in Residential Real Estate Closings CLE (EDU200311)


    The panelists will review the Rules of Professional Conduct with special focus on attorney’s fees, conflicts of interest, representation of multiple parties, and dealing with unrepresented parties. In addition, the rules and statutes concerning the Unauthorized Practice of Law will be addressed. There will be a demonstration of how to conduct a three-way balance of an attorney’s IOLTA account.
  • POSTPONED: Ethical Considerations and Technology Pitfalls for the In-house Counsel CLE (EPE200310)


    Learn about the most common ethical and risk management pitfalls for in-house counsel, including those relating to technology.
  • Cyber Security: Nuts and Bolts and Ethics of Protecting Information CLE (EDU200123)


    Cyberattacks are a real and present threat to all data systems. Attorneys have an ethical responsibility to protect their clients' information from hackers. Learn practical nuts and bolts applications as well as your ethical obligations to protect your information from external intrusion.
  • What You Need to Know about IOLTA CLE (EDU191210)


    This seminar will provide an overview of what lawyers need to know about IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Account) and handling client funds.
  • Professionalism Boot Camp CLE (EPC191206)


    Learn the skills needed to practice effectively and ethically. Attending this seminar will help you to launch and navigate a successful career in law.
  • The Path Out: Succession Planning and Leaving the Practice of Law CLE (EDU191204)


    What would happen to your practice or firm in the event of your death or incapacitation? Do you have a succession plan in place? Are you prepared? Some lawyers die at their desks, leaving the cleanup to their partners, other lawyers, or family members. Other lawyers wind down their practices and close the doors. But, there is another alternative that may be the best choice—that is to develop a suc…
  • Ethics in Intellectual Property: Key Insights From Application to Jury Verdict CLE (EIP191203)


    The program will examine exemplary ethical issues arising in intellectual property matters in depth, including ethical issues arising during trademark clearance and investigations, appropriate conflict-of-interest screening for in-house and outside counsel during patent prosecution, and ethical jury selection strategies for federal intellectual property litigations.
  • Hot Topics in Probate CLE (EEP191119)


    Hot Topics in Probate is the hugely popular biennial seminar sponsored by the Probate Assembly and the CBA Estates and Probate and Elder Law Sections. This year’s seminar, presented by probate judges and attorneys, will focus on the Connecticut Uniform Trust Code, which will become law in January 1, 2020, eFiling in the Probate Courts, and Connecticut Standards of Practice for Conservators.
  • Representing the Startup Venture 2019 CLE (EBL191113)


    This program focuses on representing the venture startup and dealing with the often complicated legal, tax, financial, and ethical issues involved in working with fast-growing enterprises run by time-challenged entrepreneurs and backed by professional investors.
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