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  • ZOOM VIDEO: Estates and Probate Executive Committee Meeting (SEP200504)


  • WEBINAR: Drafting an Estate Plan During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What’s Different? (EEP200416)


    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. With this, many people have been thinking about their estate plans or lack thereof. The good news is that estate plans as we know them really haven’t changed – at least not since the UTC and the SECURE Act. Wills, living trusts, healthcare directives, and powers of attorney are all the same. What’s challenging now is executing and notarizing th…
  • CANCELLED: Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting (SEP200406)


  • Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting (SEP200302)


    Recent Federal and Connecticut Tax Developments That Impact Connecticut Estate Planners Speakers James I. Dougherty Partner, Withers Bergman LLP, Greenwich, CT Marissa Dungey Partner, Withers Bergman LLP, Greenwich, CT Program Description James I. Dougherty and Marissa Dungey will provide an overview of recent developments that have occurred in federal and Connecticut tax law that impact Connectic…
  • Estates and Probate Section Meeting: The Application of Cy Pres to Charitable Trusts (SEP200203)


    Program Description Karen Gano and Danielle Ferrucci will provide an overview to the application of the doctrine of cy pres to charitable trusts in Connecticut. They will address jurisdictional issues as to the application of cy pres and summarize the impact of the passage of the Connecticut Uniform Trust Code on the doctrine. Speaker Bios Karen Gano is an Assistant Attorney General in the Special…
  • Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting (SEP200106) (postponed from 12/6)


  • Hot Topics in Probate CLE (EEP191119)


    Hot Topics in Probate is the hugely popular biennial seminar sponsored by the Probate Assembly and the CBA Estates and Probate and Elder Law Sections. This year’s seminar, presented by probate judges and attorneys, will focus on the Connecticut Uniform Trust Code, which will become law in January 1, 2020, eFiling in the Probate Courts, and Connecticut Standards of Practice for Conservators.
  • The Unsung Heroes of the CT Trust Code: Directed and Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (EEP191107)


    Coming January 1, 2020 to a trust office near you! The opportunity to create these unique, modern forms of trust represents a watershed change in Connecticut law that presents great flexibility for clients who need these estate planning vehicles and should be a part of every estate planner’s toolbox. These new trusts have received very little attention since enactment in June. They are not for eve…
  • Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting: The Perilous Pot Trust (SEP191104)


    Program Single "pot" trusts which allow a trustee to sprinkle distributions among a class of beneficiaries are often promoted as allowing a trustee to manage money in the same way that the grantor would manage money for the family. However, administering a pot trust is rarely straightforward.  The trustee’s ability to manage tricky family dynamics, competing interests and different objectives…
  • 2019 Federal Tax Institute of New England CLE (FTINE2019)


    Don't miss this premier event for the estate planning and tax communities. The day will kick-off with a networking breakfast followed by both plenary and break-out sessions. For the first time, we will be presenting in a three-track format—business tax and planning, estate tax and planning, and the new Connecticut Uniform Trust Code (UTC). National speakers will present on cutting-edge tax and est…
  • Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting: Hon. Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas (SEP191007)


    The State of the Probate Courts by the Probate Court Administrator Speaker Hon. Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas Probate Court Administrator, Connecticut Probate Court Program The Estates & Probate Section is pleased to welcome the Honorable Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas as our October CLE speaker. In September 2019, Judge Streit-Kefalas became Connecticut's Probate Court Administrator. Her position and…
  • Estates and Probate Executive Committee: Connecticut Uniform Trust Code (SEP190909)


    An Overview and Discussion of the Connecticut Uniform Trust Code Speakers Kelley Peck, Deborah Tedford, Suzanne Walsh and John Ivimey. All of the speakers are experienced attorneys in the Connecticut trust and estate field. Many have had leadership positions in the bar association. Most notably, this was the group of attorneys primarily responsible for drafting and advocating for the legislation t…
  • Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting: Where No Ethics Have Gone Before (SEP190506)


    Speaker John T. Rogers, Jr. is the owner of Rogers Trust Law in Los Angeles, California. Program Description We depend on modern tools in our practices while often taking them for granted. But the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct now tell us we are supposed to “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.” How ca…
  • Planning for the Art Collector CLE (EYL190501)


    This program will explore the various aspects of art law in the context of estate planning. The presentation will focus on identifying the unique features and the specific challenges that art ownership presents when designing estate plans and administering estates with large art portfolios.
  • Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting (SEP190401): GRATs and the Mathematics of Failure


    This meeting is open to all Estates and Probate Section Members. Program Description Grantors of underwater grantor-retained annuity trusts ("GRATs") are often faced with two choices: let the GRAT ride out its course in the hopes that its underlying assets will appreciate rapidly enough to create a successful remainder or halt the GRAT by using a note or a swap power and effectively let it fail. …
  • Tax and Estates Planning Career Panel at Quinnipiac University (STS190304)


    Sponsored by The Tax Section and Estates & Probate Section of the Connecticut Bar Association and Quinnipiac University School of Law’sTax Law Society Cost:  Free for Law Students and $20.00 for Attorneys Panelists Marilee Clark, Director, Office of Legal Affairs & Research, Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Lindsay LaCava, Tax Partner, Baker McKenzie LLP, New York Margaret …
  • Estates and Probate Section OPEN Meeting (SEP190304)


    Carefully Threading the Needle with (Section 2036) String and Knowing How to Cut It Speakers N. Todd Angkatavanich, Principal at Ernst & Young's National Tax Department, National Tax Partner in the firm's Private Client Services Practice James I. Dougherty, Partner in the Private Client & Tax Group at Withers Bergman Program Description Todd and Jim will be speaking about recent developm…
  • Estates and Probate Executive Committee: Alexa, Prepare My Will (SEP190204)


    Speaker: Suzanne Brown Walsh Partner, Murtha Cullina, Hartford Program Description: Suzanne B. Walsh, a national expert on the topic of E-Wills, will talk about E-Wills including: (1) how our existing Wills law is not sufficient to address the use of E-Wills; (2) reviewing examples of the use of E-Wills in other jurisdictions; and (3) reviewing the Uniform E-Wills Act. Biography: As a member in M…
  • Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting (SEP190107)


    Recent Developments in Connecticut Estate and Probate Law Speakers: Jeffrey A. Cooper, Professor, Quinnipiac University School of Law John R. Ivimey, past Chair of the Estates and Probate Section, Principal, Reid and Riege PC, Hartford Program Description: Jeffrey A. Cooper and John R. Ivimey will speak on Recent Developments in Connecticut Estate and Probate Law. Jeff’s and John’s presentations a…
  • Estates and Probate Executive Committee (SEP181203)


    Planning for the 2019 Legislative Session Speakers Bill Chapman and Bobby Shea Program Description: Bill Chapman, Government and Community Affairs Administrator for the Connecticut Bar Association and Attorney Robert F. Shea, Jr., lobbyist for the Estates & Probate Section of the CBA, will discuss the Section’s legislative priorities for the 2019 session of the Connecticut General Assembly. …
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