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Disability Law
  • Website Accessibility: Preventing Potential ADA Lawsuits CLE (EYL181023)


    Web accessibility provides equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to websites as well as physical facilities. There has been a dramatic increase in lawsuits related to web accessibility. The industries primarily targeted in lawsuits include universities, retail businesses, financial institutions, medical facilities, gyms, an…
  • Achieving Meaningful Diversity & Inclusion for Lawyers & Law Students w/ Disabilities CLE(EDI180907)


    The Second Diversity and Inclusion Symposium will focus on challenges and strategies for effective diversity and inclusion for members of the Connecticut legal community with disabilities.
  • Disability Law Section
    The Disability Law Section examines the law as it pertains to the physically and mentally impaired, promotes change where indicated (through the CBA and section action), and assures the safeguarding of the rights of the disabled.