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  • Motley Speaker Series: Structural Racism in Employment (EMS201216)


    This panel will feature scholars and/or advocates who will show how structural racism operates to the disadvantage of domestic workers, immigrant workers, and workers entangled in the criminal justice system, among others, and what it would take to combat that structural racism.
  • Motley Speaker Series: Structural Racism and Financial Services (EMS201112)


    This panel will feature legal scholars and experts who study historical and ongoing inequities in our banking system and financial services more broadly, and /or who are actively engaged in working to address those inequities through policy activism and innovation within the industry.
  • Motley Speaker Series: Equity Through Zoning Reform in Connecticut (EMS201016)


    This program will feature land use attorneys, including two law professors, discussing how the structure of land use decision-making in Connecticut can impede policies and decisions that promote racial and economic equity, with a focus on several types of exclusionary zoning regulations; and current efforts to revise state zoning laws to promote desegregation.
  • Motley Speaker Series: How the Law Structures Educational Inequities (EMS200924)


    This panel will feature legal and education scholars who study inequities in primary and secondary educational systems, how school districts are organized and funded, and how inequities manifest in differential school funding, resources, and outcomes.
  • Motley Speaker Series: Systemic Racism, Voting Rights, and American Democracy (EMS200825)


    This 90-minute seminar draws on the experiences of legal academics, elected officials, and political observers to explain how certain fundamentals of our democracy are used to disenfranchise citizens – limiting who has political power, who exercises the right to vote, and who has a voice in our government institutions – on the basis of race. The seminar will explore the systems that perpetuate rac…
  • Constance Baker Motley Series: Segregated Communities and Opportunity (EMS200812)


    This 90-minute seminar uses maps, original photographs, and oral histories to explain how 100 years of discriminatory land use and development policy built and maintains our segregated state. The seminar will also examine the lasting effect these policies have on housing choice and the lives of people of color, particularly lower income Black and Latino families, who have few options to move to ar…
  • A Virtual Conversation on Racial Injustice


    This is the inaugural event of the Constance Baker Motley Speaker Series on Racial Inequality, an ongoing forum for the Connecticut legal community to explore issues of racial inequality and systemic racism. This virtual event features Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson and Justice Maria A. Kahn and will be moderated by Dean Timothy Fisher of UConn School of Law and Professor Marilyn Ford of Quinni…