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Education Law
  • The New Title IX Regulations: Impact on Educational Institutions and Expected Changes in Practice


    This seminar will provide practitioners with practical guidance to new regulations governing Title IX issued by the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education and provide background on the development of the regulations, which become effective on August 14, 2020. This seminar will also provide perspectives on how the new regulations will have an impact on institutional representations …
  • Title IX, Harassment, and the Virtual Campus: What You Need to Know in the COVID-19 Era (EED200429)


    This CLE presents legal issues arising over the COVID-19 pandemic in higher education law, including the enforcement of Title IX and anti-harassment law as colleges and universities move to a virtual environment to cope with the global health care emergency.
  • Education Law Section Meeting (SED200304)


    Speaker Dr. Preston Green  John and Maria Neag Professor of Urban Education University of Connecticut Program Description Dr. Green will speak about the state of charter schools in CT and the pending Supreme Court case Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue.
  • Education Law Section Meeting (SED200206)


    Speaker Cathy Cushman Legal Counsel for Disability Rights, CT Program Description Attorney Cathy Cushman, Legal Counsel for Disability Rights, CT, will discuss D.J. v. State Board of Education, a class action suit in US District Court.  Summary judgment motions are pending to determine whether Connecticut law and regulations that cut off access to special education at age 21 discriminates aga…
  • Education Law Section Meeting (SED200106)


    Attendees will be responsible for ordering and paying for their food and beverage while at the meeting. Speaker: Mary Jean Schierberl, Bureau of Special Education
  • Title IX Compliance in Higher Ed.: (Proposed) Regulatory Changes & Case Law Developments (EED191121)


    The US Department of Education has proposed substantial changes to Title IX regulations concerning sexual misconduct on campus, which may be implemented this fall. Learn about the history of Title IX; the impact of proposed regulatory changes; and recent developments in the law from an institutional perspective of a Title IX coordinator, from a defendant's perspective, and from a plaintiff's persp…
  • Education Law Section Meeting (SED191106)


    The Rule of Law: Understanding the Role of the Division of Criminal Justice in CT Speaker States Attorney Michael A. Gailor, Judicial District of Middlesex Program Description Mr. Gailor will discuss the steps taken by the Division of Criminal Justice to educate the public, and, particularly, school administrators, faculty, and students, about the Rule of Law and the role of the Division of Crimin…
  • Not Just Another Test: How to Effectively Obtain and Interpret Evaluations CLE (EED191025)


    Understanding a student's strengths and weaknesses is critical to effective representation in education matters. Learn how to determine which evaluations are needed and how to read evaluation results to guide appropriate school-based interventions.
  • Education Law Section: Occupational and Physical Therapy in Schools and Community (SED191003)


    Understanding Occupational and Physical Therapy in Schools and in Community Settings Speaker Lauren Gillis Coughlin, MS, OTR/L Program Description The program will broadly discuss occupational and physical therapy evaluations, the range of services covered under each discipline, and nature of services in the school and community environments. CLE Credit CT: 1.0 CLE Credits  |  NY: 0.0 C…
  • Education Law Section Meeting (SED190904)


    Speaker Nicole Feeney, M.ED., Director of AT Services, New England Assistive Technology (NEAT) 
  • Education Law Section Meeting (SED190620)


  • Representing Victims of Childhood Trauma: Resilience Screening (EDU190404)


    Join us for a screening of the film, Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope, a one-hour documentary about the science of childhood trauma and the movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. Following the film, learn about the long term impact of traumatic events on children, discuss ways the medical community, legal community, and judicial system can assist victims of trauma, and …
  • Student Data Privacy: How Secure are Student Records CLE (EED181113)


    Online programs and applications play an increasingly significant role in K-12 education. Schools need to strike a balance between innovative classroom practices and student privacy. Get an update on the latest developments in federal and state law on student privacy, and discuss current resources and practices used by Connecticut schools
  • Education Law Section Meeting (SED180925)


    Cost:  $31 CLE Credits: CT: 0.0 CLE Credits  |  NY: 0.0 CLE Credits
  • The Essentials of School Expulsion CLE (EED180920)


    Get an overview of the statutory requirements and relevant case law surrounding expulsions.
  • Achieving Meaningful Diversity & Inclusion for Lawyers & Law Students w/ Disabilities CLE(EDI180907)


    The Second Diversity and Inclusion Symposium will focus on challenges and strategies for effective diversity and inclusion for members of the Connecticut legal community with disabilities.
  • Education Law Section
    The Education Law Section brings education lawyers to discuss matters of mutual interest. Special education or labor law lawyers, hearing officers, litigators, lawyers who are teachers, and school administrators are members. Section members represent boards, parents, and teachers.