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Lawyer Well-Being
  • Lawyer Well-being Task Force Meeting (LWB190213)


    Speakers Kevin Lynch, CEO Renee Wilk, Executive Director Call-in Information Call in Phone Number: (605) 475-4070 Participant Access Code: 561134#
  • Lawyer Well-being Task Force Conference Call (LWB190122)


    Call-in Phone Number: (605) 475-4070 Participant Access Code: 561134#
  • Wellbeing Events
  • Confusion to Fusion: Creating a Balanced and Rewarding Legal Career CLE (EDU190403)


    To be a good lawyer, one has to be a healthy lawyer. Recent research has disclosed that too many lawyers and law students experience chronic stress and high rates of depression and substance use. Our profession is at a crossroads. To maintain public confidence in the profession, to meet the need for innovation in how we deliver legal services, to increase access to justice, we have to act now. Cha…
  • Mindfulness For Lawyers CLE (EDU190124)


    It’s the latest buzzword in business. It’s being taught at Harvard and at Wharton. It’s being talked about at prestigious leadership conferences like Davos. It’s being practiced at places like Google, Apple, and Aetna Healthcare. Everyone’s excited about it because the science shows that it reduces stress, enhances wellness, increases productivity, and significantly improves the bottom line. Exp…
  • Productivity Boot Camp: Time and E-mail Management for Lawyers CLE (EDU190131)


    Learn how to prioritize, organize, delegate, and minimize interruptions so you can devote more time to serving clients and developing new ones — while being less stressed and more effective in the process. Increase your productivity and effectiveness by managing your environment, routines, boundaries, and choices. Get specific strategies, tactics, and tools that will help you gain greater control …
  • From Bench/Bar to 5K: Learn How to Start (or Improve) a Running or Walking Program (EDU190129)


    Do you want to become more active but are unsure of what steps to take towards success? Join Fleet Feet Sports to learn about the key factors involved in starting a running/walking program and how to train for a 5k! We will address the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, the benefits of being active, common barriers to becoming active and how to overcome them, the basic bio-mechanics of running, and t…
  • How to Reduce Your Stress and Enhance Your Well-Being.pdf
    Visit How to Reduce Your Stress and Enhance Your Well-Being By Stewart Edelstein An American Bar Association study1 re-leased in 2016, based on responses from almost 13,000 US lawyers and judges, concluded that 28 percent of responding lawyers experience depression, 23 percent experience stress, and 19 percent …
  • The Relaunching Attorney: Returning to Your Legal Career after a Break.pdf
    Visit www.ctbar.org18 Connecticut Lawyer Summer 2018 Sandra loved her practice as a real estate attorney at a Hartford firm, and when she left to take maternity leave for her first child, she fully intended to return after six months. Twelve years and three children later, Sandra, a stay-at-home mom, found herself yea…
  • Relief Granted! Happier, Better Lawyering May Be As Simple As Breathing.pdf
    22 Connecticut Lawyer September/October 2016 Visit Judi Cohen, JD, CPCC, is the founder of Warrior One LLC. She created Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® (EML) and offers this training across the U.S and at Berkeley Law and Golden Gate University School of Law, as well as through private coaching. …
  • Building Your Practice | 7 Ways to Do Less to Succeed More.pdf
    Connecticut Lawyer September/October 2016 29 I didn’t run at all that last week. Well, that’s not exactly true: I ran an ultra-marathon; 36 miles. But the week leading up to the race: I didn’t run. (It’s what runners call the taper.) It made me pretty crazy.Not running screws with my mind: Who am I if I am not running? Run…
  • Evaluating Ergonomic Needs in Your Firm.pdf
    Visit Evaluating Ergonomic Needs in Your Firm By Shani Soloff 12 Connecticut Lawyer September/October 2017 Connecticut Lawyer September/October 2017 13 In the legal industry, the thirst for billable hours is linked to your team’s ability to be productive and maintain focus. Do the r…
  • President’s Message | Lawyer Well-being: Moving the Conversation Out of the Shadows.pdf
    event, meeting, student, or function. This summer I received a copy of The Ad- dicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow, and Redemption, by Brian Cuban. Cuban gives readers an account of his life as a lawyer and addict chronicling the ups and downs of his career, how he coped with and hid his issues, and how he started on the r…