Workers' Compensation Section

This section aims to organize the members of the CBA who are workers’ compensation practitioners and to educate all members of the Bar from all sides at all levels of expertise as to workers’ compensation law. Furthermore, the section attempts to provide services to organizations other than the CBA when those organizations are involved in the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation system. The Section works with all levels of government in an effort to improve the system. The Executive Committee will take positions on pending legislation where appropriate. It will work through Committees on various issues that arise in the practice such as amicus briefs, creating new and exciting continuing legal education and producing our publication Compensation Quarterly. The Committee works with the Commission giving feedback on issues affecting day-to-day practice of the parties that appear before the Commission as they arise. The Section consists of members who represent injured workers, employers and insurers as well as the State of Connecticut and the Second Injury Fund.

Join the State of CT Workers’ Compensation Commission as it celebrates its 100th anniversary with a special symposium, “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” Thursday, Oct 3, 2013, The Crowne Plaza, Cromwell. A full-day event followed by a reception. All proceeds to benefit the Disabled Workers’ Scholarship Program. Registration information coming soon.

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  • Workers' Compensation - Compensation Quarterly
    • CQ is a quarterly publication that is provided to Section Members free of charge. We are interested in what you want to know, constructive suggestions for topics, interviewees or any other content comments. Qualified volunteer authors are welcomed. Your comments or suggestions can be emailed to the editor Frank Costello at

Workers' Compensation Events

2014 Exotic Seminar
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 15-18, 2014
Details and Registration

Workers' Compensation Symposium

Pomeranz-O'Brien Award

This section initiated this award to honor attorneys who have contributed to the workers’ compensation system and/or community by exemplary service that has gone above and beyond that displayed by his or her peers and were truly extraordinary.

Award Guidelines

Honorees to date:

Summer 2008   Angelo Sevarino
Fall 2008   James Pomeranz