The Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) was founded on June 2, 1875. Since its creation, the CBA has been instrumental in developing and improving court rules and providing quality educational and networking opportunities for its members. With nearly 10,000 members, it is the preeminent organization for lawyers and the legal profession in Connecticut, and is dedicated to promoting public service and advancing the principles of law and justice.

The 1875 Society is a group of leaders committed to sustaining the CBA and the legal profession in Connecticut. As a part of the society, your voluntary financial contribution of $100* supports the delivery of essential programs to your fellow members and the public, and enables the CBA to maintain its high standards for ethics, professionalism, and civility; advance the effective administration of justice; and build diversity and inclusion in the legal community.

Hon. Barry Armata  
Hon. Arnold W. Aronson 
Hon. John D. Boland  

Hon. Leeland Cole-Chu

Hon. Robert B. Shapiro  

Hon. Cecil J. Thomas

Hon. Alvin W. Thompson  

Hon. Steven M. Zelman

Lorenzo E. Agnoloni

Myles H. Alderman, Jr. 

Christopher Algoo

Bonnie L. Amendola  

Mackenzie Angels

Gregory Antollino  

Jeffrey Babbin

Frank Bartlett, Jr. 

Livia Barndollar

Tina C. Beamon

Eryn A. Bingle  

George L. Bischof  

Ira Bloom

Michael Bonnano

Jennifer Boyd

James J. Brooks  

David Brown

Edward Burt, Jr.
Rute Caetano

Reina Calderon

Gregory Carnese

Michael Cartier  

Maggie Castinado

Richard A. Cerrato 

Matthew J. Cholewa
Cindy Cieslak 

Nickola Cunha 

Karen DeMeola

Gizeli D'Onofrio  

Francis Drapeau

Kyle England

Diane R. Erickson  
Chester W. Fairlie  

Dale Faulkner
Seth Feigenbaum 
Victor M. Ferrante
Victoria T. Ferrara  

Brette Fitton 

Monte Frank 

Jason Gagnon

Keith Bradoc Gallant

M. Theresa Giacomo  

Emily Gianquinto

Wilder Gleason  

Julie F. Grey  

Donald L. Hamer  

Barry Hawkins

Robert L. Heering  

Jevera K. Hennessey  

John W. Hetherington

Mary Hill (In Memoriam of Ralph J. Monaco)
Daniel J. Horgan

Sung-Ho Hwang

Ruth Israely

Sharon M. Jones  

Jonathan R. Kamisar  

Mary Keating

James G. Kelly  

Ginny Kim  

Jordan C. Levin  

Geraldine A. Lupoli  

Michael D. Lynch  

Jane R. Marsh  
Elisabeth S. Maurer
Bruce McDaniel

Thomas F. McGarry
Peter K. Menard
Amy Lin Meyerson
Ralph Monaco
David M. Moore

Brian J. Murphy  
Sarah Murray
Leslie Nathan

Robert J. Nicola  

John F. O'Brien  

Adam Olshan

Lynne L. Pantalena  

Wendy Prince

Charles A. Rattner  

Joyce Riccio

David Ring

Jennifer R. Rossi  

Frank W. Russo  

Sharad Samy  

Maggie L. Sapp  

Bart Sayet  

Daniel Schwartz

Scott Schwefel

John Shaw

Alix Simonetti  

Frank Sisson III

Ellen L. Sostman  

Christopher A.St. Victor-De Pinho

Lisa Stevens

Warren Sullivan

Alexander Taubes
Gregory L. Thornton  

Theodore Topouzis  

Thomas Toscano

Michele Totonis

Tonia Tubaya  

J. Paul Vance Jr.

Valdis Vinkels  

Susan Wakefield

Jonathan Weiner

Richard White

Susan M. Williams  

Michael R. Young  

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