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  • Jan 28
    From Panic to Profit (EDU210128)
    12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

    Most attorneys go to law school with the promise there won’t be any math. Once they own their own practice, they realize the “numbers” are an integral part of owning a business – and yet they don’t know how to use them. Founder of Cathedral Capital, entrepreneur, CFO, and Profitability Specialist Brooke Lively has compiled and condensed her MBA and everything she has learned helping lawyers grow and scale their firms. This is a crash course to discover, understand, and learn how to monitor and use the important "numbers" in your firm.

  • Feb 04
    1031 Strategies in 2021 and Beyond (EDU210204)
    12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

    §1031 current developments will be summarized. Basic to advanced topics will be covered. Learn the basic requirements to completing a successful 1031 and how to maximize the benefits of §1031 exchanges. Learn how to avoid the most common §1031 pitfalls, understand what is qualifying real property, the identification rules, available safe harbor structures, the related party rules, the impact of seller financing and partial exchanges, split treatment transactions, what are exchange expenses and “boot” and special tools for partnerships. Explore the options provided by reverse and improvement exchanges with illustrations of each structure.

  • Feb 05
    Motley Speaker Series: Language and the Law (EMS210205)
    1:00 PM to 2:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

    This webinar will focus on the impact of language in the legal profession, particularly how diverse languages, accents, dialects and proficiency levels of parties, witnesses, lawyers and jurors impact legal professionals' perceptions of their legitimacy, credibility and professionalism.

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