Through the Court Visitation Program, Connecticut middle and high schools can arrange for students to visit a local criminal court. The Court Visitation Program is jointly coordinated by the Connecticut Bar Association and the Connecticut Judicial Branch.

A typical court visit consists of a tour of the courthouse or lock up area, an explanation of court proceedings by a judge or member of the court staff, and observation of court proceedings such as arraignments, sentencings, or sometimes a trial. Since its inception in 1980, over 100,000 students from public and private middle and high schools throughout the state have participated in the program.  

An Attorney Coordinator for each Geographical Area Court works with court clerks and school personnel to select a date and ensure a judge or other court personnel is available to speak with students. In addition, an Attorney Guide accompanies students throughout their court visit and answers student questions during the court visit.

Teachers and Educators

If you are a teacher, educator, or student group leader and would like to request a court visit for your students, complete and submit a Court Visitation Program School Request Form by clicking on the link below.

Court Visitation School Request Form

Attorney Volunteers

If you are an attorney who would like to volunteer as an Attorney Coordinator for a G.A. Court or an Attorney Guide, complete the registration form for attorney volunteers below. Experience working in criminal law or at a G.A. court is helpful, but not required. Attorney volunteers can expect to coordinate or attend about five, and no more than ten, court visits per year.

Attorney Volunteers Form
For more information contact:
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