The Program provides lawyers and clients with an opportunity to resolve or attempt to resolve disputes over legal fees through mediation arbitration, or both. The program is a free community service, confidential, and impartial. Participants do not need to have a lawyer to use the program.

In the Lawyer-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program, lawyers and clients will each have a chance to share their side of the story with a neutral mediator or arbitrator who has extensive experience and training. In mediation, a mediator will help facilitate a conversation between the parties to try to help the parties reach an agreement. In arbitration, an arbitrator will make a binding decision after a chance for both sides to be heard.

To start the dispute resolution process, complete and submit the Petition Form found below. Either an attorney or a client may submit a petition. You do not have to let the other side know you are filing a petition. Once a petition is submitted, the CBA will reach out to the other side to let them know about the petition. If the other side agrees they will participate, or if they have been ordered to participate, the program will move forward with the dispute resolution process.   

To find out more about the CBA Lawyer-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program or start the process, see the links below:

Forms to Start the Process

  • Petition Form (If you are starting the process, fill out this form)
  • Respondent Agreement (If the other side already submitted a petition, you can respond using this form)
  • Statement of Facts Form (Use this form to provide information about the dispute to the mediator or arbitrator)
If you have questions or want additional information, email or call (860) 612-2016 and mention the Fee Dispute Resolution Program.