Pathways provides insight about the law and the legal profession to high school students, in hopes of encouraging talented and diverse students to consider a legal career. Pathways offers resources in multiple formats to enhance and support course curriculums in law, history, civics, STEM, or government.
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The mission of Pathways is to create a sustainable pipeline of students from high school to college, and, thereafter, to law school and the practice of law. We seek to serve high school students from economically challenged school districts and towns, students who identify as racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ students, first generation students, and women. Our goal is to provide resources and information about careers in law. We hope to inspire successful engagement with mentors, provide easily accessible information about higher education, expose students to lawyers from a variety of practice areas, and foster the academic and professional development necessary for a career in law.


  • Create an opportunity for diverse and talented students to learn the skills for a career in law. The program will discuss the core competencies for a career in law, as outlined by the American Bar Association, including problem solving, critical reading, writing and editing, oral communication and listening.
  • Provide access to law students, attorneys, and judges who will serve as discussion leaders at Pathways events and possible long term mentors for students interested in pursuing a legal career.
  • Shape a pathway to a career in law. Students will be provided guidance on the academic path to law school, including 2-year and 4-year college options. In addition, student will be given information on scholarships, financial aid, and other avenues available to help fund their educations.

For more information, please contact Amani Edwards, CBA Director of Diversity and Human Resources