HT05 Seeing All Sides of Investments in Early Stage Companies (2020CLC)

September 16, 2020

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)

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The Hot Topics Track

Presented by the Business Law Section

About the Program

Early stage companies face many challenges and needs for capital. The closing of financing for an early stage company is not the end but really the beginning of a new collection of people seeking to work together going forward. There are often many parties involved with many different interests and viewpoints, and so it is important to understand the key terms and aspects of such transactions and how to successfully navigate them as a practitioner, regardless of which party is your client.

You Will Learn

  • A combination of a broad overview of laws and issues surrounding investments in early stage companies and analysis of certain key specific issues that often arise in the process
  • An understanding of who the parties are for private investments in early stage companies, and what their interests are and why
  • How best to navigate the issues and challenges to help your clients come to satisfactory results of the process and investment, regardless of which party your client is

CLE Credit: 1.0 CT (General); 1.0 NY (AOP)


Jack H Sousa Jack H. Sousa
Lev Berlin & Sousa PC, Norwalk