MP02 Access to Justice: New Frontiers of Possibility (2021CLC)

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

9:00 AM to 9:45 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)

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About the Program

Around the country, jurisdictions are enacting or considering significant changes in the regulation of the practice of law. These changes include permitting nonlawyers to own or profit from the sale of legal services and permitting nonlawyer humans and computer programs to practice law. Motivations for these reforms vary, but the most common reasons have at their core expanding access to justice. Sandefur discusses what the existing evidence base has to say about the promise and challenges of these efforts, and what we are learning from the efforts already underway. 

Rebecca L. Sandefur is a faculty fellow at the American Bar Foundation, where she founded and leads the Access to Justice Research Initiative. She investigates access to civil justice from every angle—from how legal services are delivered and consumed; to how civil legal aid is organized around the nation; to the role of pro bono; to the relative efficacy of lawyers, nonlawyers, and digital tools as advisers and representatives; to how ordinary people think about their justice problems and try to resolve them. In 2018, she was named a MacArthur Fellow for her work on inequality and access to justice.  

This plenary will not be recorded. 


Rebecca Sandefur Rebecca L. Sandefur
American Bar Foundation, Chicago, IL


Nilda Havrilla Nilda R. Havrilla
Connecticut Legal Services Inc., New Britain