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The CBA Law Center will reopen to the membership and the public on Tuesday, September 7.

If you need assistance please call (844)469-2221 or email

During these unprecedented times, CBA members continue to have questions regarding how to navigate the practice of law.  In an effort to assist its members in resolving issues and/or concerns, the CBA is providing an opportunity for members to post inquiries by clicking on the button below.

 The CBA will collect the inquiries and review them to determine the most efficient manner in which to assist in the resolution of the issues.  You may post inquiries anonymously; however, if you submit your contact information, we will respond to you when we have a course of action and/or an answer.   

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Resources for legal community and the public can be accessed at the link below. This is includes links to local, state, and federal courts, law practices management and legal aid resources

COVID-19 Resources