Administrative Law

Jon Fitzgerald

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Houston Putnam Lowry

Animal Law
Williams Wenck

Antitrust and Trade Regulations
Robert Langer

Appellate Advocacy
Danielle Edwards

Business Law
Danielle Edwards

Child Welfare and Juvenile Law
Caitlin Rauchle

Commercial Finance
Tom Welsh

Commercial Law and Bankruptcy
Chris Bowen

Commercial Law and Bankruptcy
Joanna Kornafel

Construction Law
Frederick Hedberg

Construction Law
Martin Onorato

Consumer Law

Raphael Podolsky

Criminal Justice
Cody N.Guarnieri

James Ralls

Disability Law

Bernard Shapiro

Education Law
Maria Morelli-Wolfe

Education Law
Deborah Stevenson

Elder Law
James Young

Energy, Public Utility & Communications Law
Emily Deans

Environmental Law
Christopher McCormack

Estates and Probate
Kelley Peck

Federal Practice

Sherwin Yoder

Franchise, Distribution & Dealer Law
James Dowling-Healey

Human Rights & Responsibilities
Barbara Collins

Indian Law
David Rome

Insurance Law
Hugh Hughes

Insurance Law
Joseph Blyskal

Intellectual Property
Daniel Cooper

Labor and Employment Law
Mark Sommaruga

Law Librarian
Jonathan Stock

Colt Holmes

Ralph Monaco

Jonna Rigon-Binns

Planning and Zoning
Jay Klein

Real Property
Carolyn Cavolo

Sports and Entertainment Law
Carmina Hirsch

Robert Day

Women in the Law
Alexa Millinger

Workers' Compensation
Luke Strunk


Fair & Impartial Courts Committee
Tim Shearin

Privacy and Data Security Committee
Dena Castricone


Opioid Task Force
Dena Castricone