• Casemaker Casemaker® (Free Online Legal Research)
    Casemaker® is a comprehensive online research library FREE for all CBA members, available 24/7. In addition to Connecticut state and federal materials, members have access to the state materials of all other 49 states. Plus, CBA members have FREE access to Casemaker’s premium products, which include CaseCheck+, the citator; CiteCheck, the brief analyzer; and CasemakerDigest, the case summary product. 
Save thousands over other legal research services with Casemaker, the comprehensive online legal research library FREE to CBA members

Include in the Casemaker Platform is:


CaseCheck+ validates your research and identifies whether or not case law citations are still good law. CaseCheck+ returns negative treatments instantly as you research.

CasemakerDigest provides a first look into the most recent decisions handed down by state and federal courts. Cases are summarized as soon as they become available and you can easily receive notifications through RSS feed and / or email of the cases most relevant to your areas of interest.
CiteCheck is a personal cite checker for a pleading, brief or other document. Casemaker analyzes every citation and provides you with a report of good law, negative treatments, and potential citation format errors.