Casemaker and Fastcase merged in January of 2021 and united their shared mission to democratize the law. You can now access Fastcase’s legal research platform in addition to Casemaker as a preview of the combined member benefit. 

Read more about the merger in the press release.

Fastcase and Casemaker have combined to offer a comprehensive set of tools and products for CBA members. You will see new innovations in citator, docket analytics, and workflow tools, maximizing your member benefit.

Casemaker will no longer be accessible to CBA members once the transition to Fastcase is completed. The exact transition date will be anounced at a later time.

Fastcase's customer support team is ready to help you with this transition in any way possible. They are adept at using Casemaker and now Fastcase as well, so they are ready with the tips, tricks, and experience to help you through this.

Fastcase_ColorFastcase is the leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and powerful searching, sorting, and data visualization tools at your fingertips.

Fastcase has all the content (statutes, regulations, treatises, caselaw, etc.) that is available on Casemaker. They have worked hard to confirm you will still have access to all of the content from both platforms. You will also gain access to new content that is unique to the Fastcase 7 platform. These include legal blogs from our partnership with Lexblog and expert witness profiles from our partnership with Jurispro.

What this means for you?

Currently, you have access to both Casemaker and Fastcase through your bar member benefit. We encourage you to start using Fastcase and explore the platform. To help ease your transition, visit the Fastcase Resource Library where you can access tutorial videos, register for training webinars, and find answers to your questions.

Transferring Data from Casemaker to Fastcase

In order to have your data transferred from your Casemaker account to your Fastcase account, please fill out and submit the form located here.

How to Access Fastcase

  1. When you log in to Casemaker, you'll be taken to a page where you have the option to start using Fastcase or continue to use Casemaker. If you choose to start using Fastcase, you will be redirected to its legal research platform.

  2. On this same page, Casemaker and Fastcase have provided more information about the merger and transition, as well as links to training resources and webinars.

  3. Visit the Fastcase Resource Library and consider registering for a training webinar hosted by Fastcase and Casemaker, watching the collection of tutorial videos, and reading more information about the transition.

  4. Now that you have access to Fastcase, you are welcome to get into the system and start familiarizing yourself with the legal research tools offered.

Fastcase Transition Tutorials and Webinars

Attend free live webinars about the transition. 

View the List of Fastcase Webinars

Introducing Fastcase: A Guide to Legal Research for Connecticut Bar Members