Connecticut Lawyer Magazine - LegalTech Issue 2017

CTL Cover - Vol 27 No 6 Volume 27, Number 6

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  • Cyber Security: A Necessary Focus By Colleen M. Capossela
    Cyber attacks are an everyday reality and a major business risk for any law firm. This article will show you how you can focus on establishing and implementing security initiatives, protocols, and plans for your operations; starting with making cyber security risk management a necessary focus in your business.
  • At the Capitol By Bill Chapman
    Learn everything you need to know about this past legislative session, including any new acts that will go into effect in the fall.
  • Call for Nominations: CBA Annual Awards It's that time of year again! The awards committee is seeking nominations for the CBA's annual awards. Learn more about the criteria and how to submit your nominations.
  • Microsoft Word: Practice Does Not Make Perfect By Barron K. Henley
    Do you feel like every complex document in Microsoft Word turns into a wrestling match? Don't feel bad--only a tiny percent of users actually achieve Word domination. This article will let you in on the secrets of making your experience with Microsoft Word easier.
  • Tackling Encryption Head On: Simple Steps to Secure Your Client's Data By Heidi S. Alexander
    Learn the basics of encryption with these practical steps.