Connecticut Lawyer Magazine - November/December 2016

CTL Cover - Vol 27 No 2 Volume 27, Number 2

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  • Connecticut's Inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Summit The CBA Diversity and Inclusion Summit Committee gathered leaders in the legal profession to empower them to take action toward making Connecticut a more diverse and inclusive bar. Find out more about what attendees learned at the first annual summit.
  • YLS Presents Hon. Bernice B. Donald with 2016 Diversity Award Read about accomplishments of U.S Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit Judge Bernice B. Donald that led to her being honored for her outstanding efforts on behalf of diversity.
  • Government Initiatives to Expand Workers' Access to Retirement Savings Programs By Jonathan M. Cerrito and Michael R. Daum
    As part of its efforts to expand retirement savings, the federal government has paved the way for states to pass laws that provide workers access to retirement programs. Many states have taken action to give workers such access.
  • CBA at the American Museum of Tort Law: An Interview with Ralph Nader By Eric Hard
    The opening of the country's first law museum, the American Museum of Tort Law in Winsted, has raised the profile of this area of the law to the public through nationally-known advocates. The first interview in this three-part series on lawyer advocates is with consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who developed the museum in his hometown.
  • CT Judicial Branch Expands ADR Options with Mediation Centers By Judge William H. Bright, Jr.
    In an effort to provide attorneys with additional options for ADR, the Connecticut Judicial Branch has opened two mediation centers. Read all about what these centers offer.
  • Mitigation, Veterans, and Form DD214 By Roger Lee Crossland
    Legal counsel, especially defense counsel, must be aware that both the State of Connecticut and the Federal government accord special consideration to those who served in the Armed Forces in time of war. Counsel, in investigating his client's status, should start with a review of his client's Form DD214, his discharge document.
  • CBA Volunteer Attorneys Give Back to Veterans at Stand Down Event By Dana Allen
    Each year the CBA participates in the Stand Down event in an effort to provide assistance to Connecticut veterans. This article profiles three of our CBA volunteer attorneys and delves into what motivates them to give their time and talent.