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State Government Internet Resources:

State Web Site Locator:
Directory of State Legislatures:
Connecticut General Statutes. (1999):
Connecticut Constitution:
State of Connecticut:


State of Connecticut Executive Branch:

Links to Connecticut state agencies and constitutional offices, including:

Attorney General’s Office:
Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities (CHRO):
Department of Economic and Community Development:
Department of Education:
Adjusted Equalized Net Grand List per Capita (AENGLC):
Department of Environmental Protection:
Department of Insurance:
Department of Labor:
Labor Market Information:
Connecticut Employment Security Appeals Division Library:
Department of Public Health:
Freedom of Information Commission:
Office of the Treasurer (Second Injury Fund):
Workers’ Compensation Commission:

State of Connecticut Legislative Branch:

Includes the Connecticut Legislative Guide, Bills, and Public and Special Acts of the most recent General Assembly session, Committee Reports, Hearing Transcripts. Links include:

Connecticut General Assembly (House):
Connecticut General Assembly (Senate):
Search for Connecticut Bills:
CT Legislative Guide:
CT Committee List:

The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch:

Provides Court directions, Court forms, Judicial Directory, Civil/ Family Case Look-up, Links to CT Courts and additional Judicial Information. Links include:

Directory of Court Locations:
Law Library Directory:
Superior Court:
Supreme and Appellate Courts:

Federal Government Internet Resources

Federal Internet Guide:

Executive Branch:

The White House:
Federal Services, View by Agency:

Links from this site include:

Department of Education:
Department of Health and Human Services:
Department of Justice:
ADA Home Page & Civil Rights Page: http://www/
Department of Labor:
Family & Medical Leave Act:
Bureau of Labor Statistics.:
Bureau of Economic Analysis:
BLS Collective Bargaining Agreements:
Office of Admin. Law Judges:
Department of the Treasury:
Environmental Protection Agency:
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:
National Labor Relations Board:
Social Security Administration:
Code of Federal Regulations:
The Federal Register:

Legislative Branch:

US Code:
US House:
US Senate:

Judicial Branch

US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit:
United States Supreme Court:
Supreme Court Opinions:

Educational Institutions:
Index of College and University Web Sites
Many law schools have web sites that are linked to their university’s home page

Labor Relations Institutions:

Institute of Industrial Relations at University of California, Berkley:
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign:
School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University:
School of Labor and Industrial Relations in Michigan State University:

Legal Research Internet Resources:

American Bar Association Network:
ABA Labor & Employment Law Section:
ABA Labor & Employment Law Papers Catalog:
American Law Sources Online:
Connecticut State Library:
Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute:

Links from this site include:

Supreme Court Collection:
Federal Law:
New York Court of Appeals:
Other State Courts:
Employment Law Materials:
Employment Law- Overview & Sources:
HierosGamos- the Comprehensive Law & Government Site:
Law Reviews Index:
The Law Engine:
Legal Journal Extra Online --Employment & Labor Law:
Meta-index for Legal Research:
National Law Journal:
National Employment Lawyers Assoc.:

General Reference Internet Resources

Basic Legal Citation:
National Public Radio:
National Newspaper Index:
Meriam-Webster’s Dictionary/Thesaurus:
Zip Code Directory:

Professional Organizations & Associations:

Connecticut Association of Boards of Education:
Connecticut Bar Association:
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities:

Related Organizations:

National Education Association:
Employment Policy Foundation:
National Labor Management Association: