The Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) and certain signatories to Connecticut's Legal Community Diversity & Inclusion Pledge & Plan (Pledge & Plan) have teamed up with Kaplan Partner Solutions in order to implement the first collaborative Pledge & Plan LSAT Initiative (LSAT Initiative). The purpose of the LSAT initiative is to provide scholarships for diverse candidates to enroll in an LSAT preparation course. The scholarship is available to qualified applicants who are representative of a diverse demographic.

The partnership originated as a result of efforts to address the lack of representation in the legal field and to increase the pipeline of diverse talent that enters the legal profession in Connecticut. Ultimately, funding from various law-related organizations will go towards scholarships to alleviate the cost of law school exam preparation courses that students might otherwise be unable to afford.

Scholars will participate in events and programs to prepare them for their law school journey and engage them with the Connecticut legal community. These events will occur on a year-round basis.

Applicants are selected each year on a rolling basis, and are required to complete and submit the CBA LSAT scholarship application. For further information regarding the application process and how to participate, please contact Amani Edwards, the CBA Director of Diversity and Human Resources at 860-612-2025, or by email at

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2020 LSAT Scholars

  • Elizabeth Castro, University of Connecticut August 2020; Major: Political Science
  • Natasha ClaudioConnecticut College Class of 2021; Major: English

  • Maman CooperUniversity of Connecticut Class of 2017; Major: Political Science

  • Christina CruzConnecticut College Class of 2020; Major: Sociology and Latin American Studies

  • Frankie De LeonWesleyan University Class of 2020; Major: American Studies
  • Debaditta GhoshWesleyan University Class of 2020; Major: Government
  • Fernecia Smith, University of Bridgeport Class of 2020; Major: Political Science