From Suits to Selfies: Embracing the Digital Era - A Lawyer's Guide to Social Media Success

Friday, September 22, 2023

9:15 AM to 10:30 AM

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About the Program

In today's digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for communication, networking, and business development. For lawyers, it is essential to embrace the opportunities presented by social media platforms to enhance their professional reputation, engage with clients, and stay ahead of the competition. "From Suits to Selfies: Embracing the Digital Era - A Lawyer's Guide to Social Media Success" is a comprehensive seminar designed to equip legal professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage social media effectively.


Program Objectives

• Understand the significance of social media in the legal profession and its impact on professional development and client engagement
• Learn the best practices for establishing a strong and authentic online presence as a lawyer
• Explore strategies for leveraging various social media platforms to enhance networking, business development, and thought leadership
• Understand the ethical considerations and potential pitfalls when using social media as a legal professional
• Develop effective content creation and curation strategies for social media platforms
• Learn from successful case studies and real-world examples of lawyers who have successfully utilized social media for professional growth
• Address common concerns and challenges faced by lawyers when using social media and learn how to overcome them
• Develop practical action plans and personalized social media strategies to implement after the seminar


CLE Credits

CT: 1.25 CLE Credits (General)
ME: 1.25 CLE Credits (General)
NJ: 1.25 CLE Credits (General)
NH: Self-report 1.25 CLE Credits (General)
VT: 1.25 CLE Credits (General)
RI: 1.25 CLE Credits (General)


Ryan McKeen1 Ryan McKeen
Connecticut Trial Firm LLC, Glastonbury


Karen Vladeck Karen Vladeck
Whistler Partners