Estates and Probate Executive Committee: Connecticut Uniform Trust Code (SEP190909)

September 9, 2019

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Graduate Club

155 Elm St New Haven, Connecticut United States

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  • John Driscoll
  • Karen Gano
  • David Slepian
  • David Hermenze
  • Neal Bobruff
  • Beth Brunalli
  • James Stewart
  • Maurice Sturm
  • Anne Crane
  • Heather Lange
  • James Young
  • Douglas Brown
  • Margaret Meehan
  • Danielle Ferrucci
  • Jeff Crown
  • Peter Smith
  • Donna Vincenti
  • Leslie Grodd
  • Carmine Perri
  • Thomas Flanagan
  • Helen Bennet
  • Steven Fast
  • Richard Marone
  • Mary Ackerly
  • James Flaherty
  • Leonard Leader
  • Kelley Peck
  • David Nastri
  • Ingi-Mai Loorand
  • Paul Burnham
  • Patricia Beauregard
  • Amy Todisco
  • Charles W. Pieterse
  • Greg Barringer
  • John Ivimey
  • Frederick Mullen
  • Karen Clute
  • Christopher Drew
  • James Dougherty
  • Amy Day

An Overview and Discussion of the Connecticut Uniform Trust Code


Kelley Peck, Deborah Tedford, Suzanne Walsh and John Ivimey. All of the speakers are experienced attorneys in the Connecticut trust and estate field. Many have had leadership positions in the bar association. Most notably, this was the group of attorneys primarily responsible for drafting and advocating for the legislation they will be discussing which makes them uniquely qualified.


Bring your questions about the Trust Code legislation to an open forum lead by a panel of the drafting members.  We invite members to bring two or three of your most pressing questions and to this open forum where members can ask questions of the drafting members as well as colleagues. This interactive discussion is for experienced trusts and estate practitioners who have a basic knowledge of the Connecticut Uniform Trust Code. With this basic knowledge of PA 19-137 (affectionately known as CUTC) assumed, the panel of experienced attorneys who are leaders in the field and in large part responsible for the legislation will address questions and concerns regarding the more complicated components of the legislation and the practical implementation into the practice.

Cost:  $39

CLE Credits

CT: 1.0  Credits  |  NY: 0.0 CLE Credits

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