Joint Meeting: Environmental Law and UCONN Center for Energy & Environmental Law (SEN200213)

February 13, 2020

5:45 PM to 8:30 PM

University of Connecticut School of Law

45 Elizabeth Street, William F. Starr Hall Reading Room Hartford, Connecticut United States

23 people have already registered for this event.

  • Lilia Hrekul
  • Doug Pelham
  • Mark Branse
  • Elizabeth Fortino
  • Ann Catino
  • Jean Phillips
  • Keith Ainsworth
  • Beth Barton
  • M. Anne Peters
  • Patricia Boye-Williams
  • Lee Hoffman
  • Martha Dean
  • Christopher McCormack
  • Peter Knight
  • Amanda Gurren
  • James Albis
  • Betsey Wingfield
  • Kirsten Rigney
  • Vicki Hackett
  • Mark Sussman
  • Aaron Levy
  • Timothy Hollister
  • Emilee Scott

Environmental Issues and Initiatives for the 2020Legislative Session

Please joint us for a meeting with the leadership and ranking members of the General Assembly's Environment Committee. They will be speaking on the environmental matters that are coming up in the next legislative session.


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