Committee on Cannabis Law Meeting (CCL200220)

February 20, 2020

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time)


28 Broadway, North Haven, Connecticut, United States

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  • Lauren McNair
  • Peter Bowman
  • Daniel Glissman
  • P.J. Cimini
  • Gail Kotowski
  • Joyce Tichy
  • Madiha Malik
  • Reggie Bradford
  • Jonathan Longobardi
  • Thomas Schultz

The Road to the Emerald City? Legal Perspectives on Marijuana Legalization in Connecticut

Featuring two great Connecticut attorneys - proponent, Rep. Josh Elliott, and opponent, Rep. Vincent Candelora

As the Connecticut General Assembly takes up the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana during this legislative session, come hear from two of the key legislative leaders involved. Both are attorneys, bringing to the issue extra insight on the pluses and minuses that legalization might bring to Connecticut. Rep. Josh Elliott, proponent, has been the point person for legalization forces, while Rep. Vincent Candelora, has brought forward legal reasons why Connecticut might not want to take this route. Come join us for an intelligent and lively discussion of this timely issue.


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