Estates and Probate OPEN Section Meeting (SEP200302)

March 2, 2020

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Grassy Hill Country Club

441 Clark Ln, Orange, Connecticut, United States

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Recent Federal and Connecticut Tax Developments That
Impact Connecticut Estate Planners


James I. Dougherty
Partner, Withers Bergman LLP, Greenwich, CT

Marissa Dungey
Partner, Withers Bergman LLP, Greenwich, CT

Program Description

James I. Dougherty and Marissa Dungey will provide an overview of recent developments that have occurred in federal and Connecticut tax law that impact Connecticut trust and estate practice. Topics that will be covered include the various IRS regulatory projects (including the "clawback regulations"), the Secure Act, the status of state fiduciary income taxation after the United State Supreme Court's decision in Kaestner, developments in valuation of closely held businesses for transfer tax purposes, the IRS pronouncement in 2019 on the deductibility of Connecticut estate taxes for federal purposes, the new statutory provision disregarding certain pass-through entities for non-residents, and other relevant topics.

CLE Credits

CT: 1.0 Credits  |  NY: 0.0 CLE Credits


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