December 1, 2020

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

via Zoom Video

10 people have already registered for this event.

  • Paige Vaillancourt
  • Cindy Cieslak
  • Sara Saucier
  • Philip Pacelli
  • Cassandra Dulepski
  • Sara Dickson
  • Kelly Scott
  • Aaron Cruz
  • Jasana Levy
  • Anthony Famiglietti

About the Program

During this hour-long practice, we will be blending meditation and motion, giving you tools that you can use every day, on and off of your yoga mat. Our practice will combine Vinyasa flow - traditional yoga postures that increase mental and physical strength and flexibility - with mindfulness and pranayama, the practice of deep, intentional breathing. Please dress comfortably and drink plenty of water during and after your practice.


Jen Dankosky Jen Dankosky

Owner and founder of LAM Yoga in New Hartford, CT, Jen has been practicing for many years on her own and with wonderful teachers.

Jen's path to learning has been diverse. She has had the opportunity to learn from thoughtful mentors, in the states and overseas; how to connect breath with movement; about blending the spiritual and the physical; and about how to use yoga to "get grounded."

“Our essential nature is boundless consciousness. We are rooted in it when the mind focuses and settles.” - Patanjali, Yoga Sutras


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