Wednesday, September 22, 2021

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)


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  • Maria Garriga
  • Erin O'Neil-Baker
  • Scott Schwefel
  • Bill Chapman
  • Riju Das
  • Roberta Napolitano
  • Dena Castricone
  • Megan Wade
  • John Russo
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  • Jeffrey Zyjeski
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  • Regina Graziani
  • Joseph Cipparone
  • Raphael Podolsky
  • Melissa Biggs
  • Daniel Horgan
  • Melanie Dykas
  • Steven Stafstrom
  • Craig Fishbein
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  • Jennifer Shukla
  • Dan Horgan
  • Matthew Blumenthal
  • Zachary Lawrence

About the Program

This workshop is geared to understanding the CBA’s legislative policies and procedures and how to be involved in the legislative process.

Invited are the CBA’s legislative liaisons, along with the CBA’s House of Delegates and Board of Governors, the CBA section and committee chairs, who all deal with the ever-important role of advocacy as attorneys and in the CBA. Please feel free to invite other interested section or committee members.

This meeting is held annually to help our CBA governance leaders know how our sections and committees can run smoothly, understand how issues get to them to weigh and measure, and how their members can get closer to the activity and the issues at the Capitol.

We will also be explaining the updated CBA policies, the information you receive from the CBA during the session and how to best communicate with your members.

You Will Learn

  • About the CBA’s Legislative policies and procedures
  • How to become involved in the legislative process
  • How the process really works at the Capitol
  • How the Legislature will operate in the pandemic era




Matt_Blumenthal Rep. Matthew S. Blumenthal
State Representative, 147th General Assembly District

Craig C Fishbein Rep. Craig C. Fishbein
State Representative, 90th General Assembly District

Melissa Biggs Melissa Biggs
DePino Nuñez and Biggs LLC, New Haven

Melanie Dykas Melanie Dykas
Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice, Middletown

Daniel J. Horgan - web square150 Daniel J. Horgan
CBA Vice President; Horgan Law Offices, New London

Vincent Pace Vincent Pace
Eversource Energy, Berlin

Cecil Thomas Cecil J. Thomas
CBA President, Greater Hartford Legal Aid, Hartford

CLE Credit

2.0 CT CLE Credits (General)


Bill Chapman
Phone: (860)612-2004