Presidential Fellows Event (CPF230523)

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)

Zoom Video Meeting

United States

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  • Yamuna Menon
  • Lucas Hernandez
  • Tom Lambert
  • Kyle LaBuff
  • Andres Jimenez-Franck
  • Daniel Horgan
  • Johnny Ross
  • Bridget Gallagher
  • Maggie Castinado
  • Kenneth Slater
  • Deirdre Daly
  • Rhonda Tobin
  • Amy Meyerson

Effective Leadership Strategies: Inspiring your Team during Good Times and Bad


Maggie Castinado, Office of the Public Defender, CBA President-elect
Deirdre Daly, Finn Dixon & Herling LLP
Kenneth Slater, Halloran Sage
Rhonda Tobin, Robinson + Cole 

Program Description

A panel discussion from leaders in the legal community about navigating the many challenges that every organization encounters, such as a significant loss within their organization, addressing conflicts among employees, and managing any generational divides that arise.  The panel will also be asked about any proactive planning they recommend for serious risks that every organization has to consider, such as disaster planning, redundancy measures, and the like.  And just as importantly, the panel will cover the topic of how they reward success, what incentives they utilize, and what non-monetary rewards can be effective for leaders who may not have direct control over their teams salaries, such as in the public service sector. 

Learning Objective

To teach the fellows various leadership strategies styles and pitfalls when managing any legal organization.  These topics include ethical duties, including in the context of managing a significant loss to an organization, such as the death or unexpected departure of a lawyer, and the organization’s responsibility to the client, including proper communication and ownership of files, as well as management strategies for promptly assessing and distributing files to be absorbed so as to protect the clients interest.  The issue of disaster planning and redundancy also addresses ethical obligations, such as identifying essential team members who solely manage critical tasks (check writing, check signing, electronic funds approvals, etc), in order to establish back-up plans, as well as risks re: cyber attacks, network vulnerabilities, and steps to consider to mitigate those risks.

CLE Credit

1.5 CT CLE Credit (1.0 General; 0.5 Ethics)


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