About the Award

Established in honor of past CBA president Henry J. Naruk, who served as a superior court judge from 1969 to 1980 and was the first president of the Connecticut Judges Association, the Henry J. Naruk Judiciary Award is presented to members of the state and federal judiciary who have made substantial contributions to the administration of justice in Connecticut.


  • Member of Connecticut Judiciary — Federal or State Court
  • Epitomizes long-term, dedicated, conscientious service to the community in a judicial role
  • Displays traits of integrity
  • Hard-working judge who labors long at duties
  • Selfless in approach to demand of position
  • Legal ability of highest quality
  • Not necessarily an annual award

Past Recipients

1978   The Honorable Arthur H. Healey    
1979   The Honorable J. Joseph Smith    
1980   The Honorable Howard Wells Alcorn    
1981   The Honorable John P. Cotter    
1982   The Honorable Joseph W. Bogdanski    
1983   The Honorable Alva P. Loiselle    
1984   The Honorable T. Emmet Clarie    
1985   The Honorable Charles S. House    
1986   The Honorable Glenn E. Knierim    
1987   The Honorable Ellen Bree Burns    
1988   The Honorable Robert C. Zampano    
1989   The Honorable David M. Shea    
1990   The Honorable Frederick A. Freedman    
1991   The Honorable Robert I. Berdon    
1992   The Honorable Ellen Ash Peters    
1993   The Honorable Jose A. Cabranes    
1994   The Honorable Thomas J. Meskill    
1994   The Honorable Antoinette L. Dupont    
1996   The Honorable Edgar W. Bassick III    
1997   The Honorable Jon O. Newman    
1998   The Honorable Thomas J. Corradino    
1999   The Honorable Angelo G. Santaniello
2000   The Honorable Robert J. Callahan    
2001   The Honorable Peter C. Dorsey    

2002   The Honorable Frederica Brenneman    
2003   The Honorable Jonathan E. Silbert    
2004   The Honorable Joette Katz
2005   The Honorable David M. Borden
2006   The Honorable Joseph H. Pellegrino
2007   The Honorable John T. Downey
2008   The Honorable Christine E. Keller
2009   The Honorable Michael R. Sheldon
2010   The Honorable Alexandra Davis DiPentima
2011   The Honorable Robert L. Holzberg
2012   The Honorable Barbara M. Quinn
2013   The Honorable Paul J. Knierim
2014   The Honorable Susan B. Handy
2015   The Honorable Janet Bond Arterton
2016   The Honorable Antonio C. Robaina
2017   The Honorable Richard A. Robinson
2018   The Honorable Chase T. Rogers
2019   The Honorable William I. Garfinkel
2020   The Honorable Alvin W. Thompson
2021   The Honorable Richard N. Palmer
2022   The Honorable Bernadette Conway
2023   The Honorable Stanley Novack
2024   The Honorable Maria Araújo Kahn

About Henry J. Naruk (1928-1991)

Attorney Henry J. Naruk served as the CBA’s 60th president from 1983 to 1984. Under his leadership, the CBA opened up new offices at 101 Corporate Place in Rocky Hill (moving from Lewis Street in Hartford). Under President Naruk, the CBA conducted a search to replace Daniel Hovey, the executive director who left the CBA to become executive director at the Massachusetts Bar Association. Information notes that there were 60 applicants for the CBA position. Paul Carlin, the executive director of the Baltimore City Bar Association, was chosen to lead the CBA. In addition, under President Naruk’s leadership, about 5,322 attorneys took part in CLE seminars in 1983. That year, the CBA Board of Governors also approved a section on Women and the Law.

President Naruk served as a superior court judge from 1969 to 1980 and was the first president of the Connecticut Judges Association. Prior to his appointment to the Bench, Attorney Naruk practiced law in Torrington and Hartford. He was also a prosecutor for Torrington City Court and a corporation counsel for the Town of Torrington. After his retirement from the Bench, he became a vice president and associate general counsel of the Travelers Insurance Company, Claim Department. He was a graduate of Wesleyan University and Harvard Law School and admitted to the Connecticut Bar in 1953. He was the co-author of Supplement Connecticut Civil Procedures, 2nd edition.

The Henry J. Naruk Award was established in 1994.