About the Award

The Young Lawyers Section Vanguard Award is presented to a current or recent alum (up to three years back) of the CBA-YLS executive committee who has made outstanding and significant contributions to the YLS and the Bar Association in general over a prolonged time period. The recipient is an individual who, despite not pursuing an officer position, assumed a leadership role in the YLS and whose progressive and forward thinking ideas have benefited all CBA members.

Past Recipients

2015   Emily Gianquinto
2016   Eamonn S. Wisneski
2017   Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore
2018   Suphi A. Philip
2019   Melanie P. Dykas
2020   Austin Berescik-Johns
            Joanna Kornafel
2021   Kyle A. McClain
2022   Logan A. Carducci
2023   Jonathan E. Friedler
2024   Colleen M. Garlick