Legal Research and Writers Community List

CBA attorney members are invited to join and use the Legal Researchers and Writers Community list.  We are building community by connecting attorney members who need research and writing assistance with CBA attorney members who can provide those legal services. The legal research and writing projects may be for compensation as negotiated between CBA lawyer list members.  

The list provides a way for lawyers to gain valuable experience and compensation for helping other lawyers with legal research and/or writing projects. 

The mix of new lawyers and experienced lawyers is a perfect incubator for mentoring, reverse mentoring, networking, and growing a practice.


The CBA is not recommending, endorsing, or “vouching for” the lawyers on this Legal Researchers and Writers Community list, nor is the CBA evaluating, qualifying, or verifying the capabilities of the lawyers, or the quality, or accuracy of the work of the lawyers on the list, or verifying the information they provide through the list.  The CBA is simply acting as a conduit or portal by providing a forum for lawyers who have expressed a desire to receive compensation for performing legal research and writing for other lawyers. The CBA is not providing any of the legal services or legal research services, and is not a party to the relationship between the lawyers or legal work.  Any fee negotiations and agreements are between the researching attorney and the attorney seeking your legal services.  Please see Conn. R. Prof. Conduct 1.1 (Commentary: Retaining or Contracting with Other Lawyers). Any lawyer placing themselves on the list and any lawyer contracting with a lawyer from the list for performance of legal research or writing agree to hold the CBA harmless from any and all legal claims which may arise from the use of the list and resultant legal services performed.