About Our Task Force

The CBA has convened a State of the Legal Profession Task Force to begin a dialogue with the Connecticut legal community and make recommendations for how we can reduce legal costs, improve legal efficiency, and better manage legal dockets.

The Task Force will review and build on the knowledge and work product created by the American Bar Association and numerous task forces across the country to advance opportunities for lawyers to practice law in a more sustainable, financially viable, and customer-centric manner. The Task Force will also work to develop cost effective and efficient legal support models legal professionals can use, which may include models that optimize the use of other legal professionals, partnering with online legal service providers and other business and technology entities, and educating lawyers on the ethics rules, especially limited scope.

One major goal of the CBA Task Force is to submit recommendations by the fall of 2021. The Task Force will then continue to identify, track, and assess ongoing legal innovations and initiatives in other jurisdictions to ensure that Connecticut remains at the forefront on these issues.

To accomplish these goals, the CBA Task Force will include five sub-committees.

Task Force Leadership

Hon. Elizabeth A. Bozzuto
CT Superior Court
231 Capitol Ave
Hartford, CT 06106

Patrick T. Clendenen
Clendenen & Shea LLC
400 Orange St
New Haven, CT 06511

Vice Chair
Kyle J. LaBuff
Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice
300 Corporate Place
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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