CBA Denounces the Acts of Violence and Discrimination Against Asian Americans

Written Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Connecticut Bar Association denounces the acts of violence and discrimination against Asian Americans and calls upon our members to unite in solidarity to support the victims and prevent future incidents. The recent attacks in Atlanta and events around the country throughout the COVID-19 pandemic fueled by hate do not represent who we are as legal professionals, an association, or leaders in our communities. As we pronounced almost six years ago at the March 2015 House of Delegates meeting and still stand for today, “We are a richer and more effective association because of diversity, as it increases our association’s strengths, capabilities, and adaptability. Through increased diversity, our organization can more effectively address member and societal needs with the varied perspectives, experiences, knowledge, information, and understanding inherent in a diverse relationship.” (CBA Diversity and Inclusion Policy)

Please visit our website at for resources on hate crimes, including how to respond to and prevent hate, and for additional diversity, equity, and inclusion resources.   

Amy Lin Meyerson
CBA President