Be Well | April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Written Monday, April 5, 2021 by Dr. Traci Cipriano, Co-chair of the Lawyer Well-Being Committee

Pay attention to how much alcohol you are consuming each day and week.  If you find your alcohol consumption is greater than you realized, or you are uncomfortable with how much you are drinking, or if others have told you your drinking appears excessive, reflect on your triggers and be mindful of these people, places, and/or things.

If you do find yourself triggered and craving an alcoholic beverage, distract yourself.  Call a supportive friend, get some exercise, watch a favorite television show or a movie, immerse yourself in a household project. Substitute a soothing cup of decaf tea, or a sparkling water, for that glass of wine, beer, or cocktail.  Strive to keep your body and mind healthy by getting 8 hours of sleep at night and at least 20 minutes of exercise each day. 

If your drinking is beginning to feel out of control, or if it already is, seek professional help.  You can begin by contacting your primary care physician or a mental health provider.  Or by going to for information, self-screenings, and a 24 hour hotline.