The Honorable Evelyn M. Daly Receives the 2024 Ladder Award

Written Monday, March 11, 2024

 Pathways Group Photo 1

Pictured from Left to Right: YLS Women in the Law Committee Co-Chairs Audrey E. Trace and Olivia C. Tawa, CBA Vice President Emily A. Gianquinto, CBA President Maggie I. Castinado, Hon. Evelyn M. Daly, Keynote Speaker Hon. Elizabeth A. Bozzuto, YLS Women in the Law Committee Co-Chair Kara A. Newell, CBA President-Elect James T. Shearin

The CBA Women in the Law Section, in association with the CBA Young Lawyers Section (YLS) Women in the Law Committee, presented the 2024 Ladder Award to the Honorable Evelyn M. Daly at this year’s Pathways to Leadership for Women Lawyers event on March 7 at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville.

The Ladder Award was created by the YLS Women in the Law Committee in 2007 to honor a woman attorney who has “left the ladder down” for women to follow in her footsteps and values the importance of leadership development, mentoring, and supporting junior lawyers in their journeys to success. Judge Daly joins a prestigious group of past awardees that includes Hon. Anne C. Dranginis, Rosemary E. Giuliano, Kathleen L. Brandt, Margaret A. Deluca, Hon. Elizabeth J. Stewart, Maureen Danehy Cox, Hon. Nada K. Sizemore, Diane W. Whitney, Tanya A. Bovée, Hon. Maria A. Khan, Deirdre M. Daly, Hon. Lynda B. Munro, Elaine S. Amendola, Elizabeth A. Alquist, and Tanyee Cheung.

 Michelle Napoli at Podium
 CBA Women in the Law Chair Michelle M. Napoli welcomes attendees to the event.

This year’s event began with CBA Women in the Law Section Chair Michelle M. Napoli providing welcome remarks to attendees and introducing keynote speaker Chief Court Administrator Hon. Elizabeth A. Bozzuto. In her keynote speech, Judge Bozzuto spoke of the historic achievements women have made within the legal field. She described how in 1882 Connecticut became the first state to admit a woman to the practice of law through judicial decision, when a state supreme court decision provided Mary Hall with the opportunity to undertake an oral exam held by the state bar. Judge Bozzuto noted that despite this and numerous later achievements towards equity, women continue to encounter hurdles and barriers within the profession. After recounting her own career experiences and the challenges she faced, Judge Bozzuto concluded by stating, “Surely women in the legal profession have come a long way, but its not over. Every one of us in this room tonight as lawyers, judges, and other justice professionals have a special responsibility to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the lofty ideals, ethics, and principles of our beloved profession.”

 Keynote Speech Crowd Shot
 Attendees listen to Hon. Elizabeth A. Bozzuto's keynote speech.

Young Lawyers section Women in the Law Committee Co-Chairs Kara A. Newell, Olivia C. Tawa, and Audrey E. Trace presented the Ladder Award to Judge Daly after summarizing her career achievements that led to her current role as a judge of the Farmington Regional Probate Court. They also explained that Judge Daly had been selected due to praise received by the committee from several women attorneys who she had mentored through judicial internships.

 YLS Women in the Law Co-Chairs
YLS Women in the Law Committee Co-Chairs Kara A. Newell, Olivia C. Tawa, and Audrey E. Trace announce the presentation of the 2024 Ladder Award to Hon. Evelyn M. Daly.

In her remarks, Judge Daly thanked her family, friends, colleagues, and interns for their support before describing her personal experiences as a woman in the legal profession and her work with the judicial internship program. While noting that the program is not exclusive to women, Judge Daly extolled its benefits and stated “It is totally inclusive, diverse, and an equal opportunity initiative. We’ve had female participants, male participants, and gender non-specific… Each and every one of the interns bring fresh ideas with them.”  Judge Daly concluded by recognizing the achievements of those who have participated in the program, noting “I’ve had two fantastic chief clerks who were originally interns and many more of our interns enrich the probate system today and certainly the field of law in general.”

 Judge Daly at Podium
 Hon. Evelyn M. Daly presents her acceptance speech for the 2024 Ladder Award.