CLE Seminars

60 Legal Tech Tips, Tricks, Gadgets, and Websites in 60 Minutes - 2018CLC-C12

Affordable Technology for Small Firm Productivity - 2018CLC-B07

Ahead of the Curve-Ethics in Practice - 2016CLC-C05

Alone Together is the New Norm: Benefits and Pitfalls of Video Mediation-EAD200508

Avoiding a Grievance - Common Pitfalls-EPC191206-S1

Avoiding Malpractice The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Legal Technology - ESF171006-P2

Building Practice by Handling Consumer Matters - ECL180418

Confronting the Mental Illness Epidemic in the Legal Profession-ELW200422

COVID-19 and the Contract Issues that Arise-ECB200417

COVID-19 Related Workplace Considerations: A Practical Discussion-ELE200325

Cyber Security Management - Best Practices - ESF171006-C4B

Cyber Security: Nuts and Bolts to Protect Your Information- EDU190913

Cybersecurity: Tips and Best Practices for Lawyers - 2018CLC-C01

Efficient Billing and Accounting for a Small Firm - ESF171006-C3A

Essential Tech, Tools, and Talent for Running a Law Practice Remotely-EDU200506

Ethical Considerations in Your Practice-EPE190402

Ethical Duty of Technology Competence: What Every Lawyer Should Know-2019CLC-C04

Getting it Under Control - Microsoft Word Power Tips - ESF171006

How to Run a Law Firm During a Pandemic-EDU200423

Incorporating Privacy Compliance into Your Practice-ECS200529

Lawyer Obligations in the Time of COVID-19-EDU200506B

Legal Storytelling: How to Persuade with Story-EDU200121

LegalTech/Law Practice Management Conference CLE - ESF171006

Managing Employees with Serious Health Conditions as Businesses Reopen-EDC200512

Marketing and Social Media Strategies - ESF171006-C1B

Marketing Your Law Practice: Practical Tips and Innovative Tricks-ESF200313

Media Relations for Lawyers-EML200420

Mindfulness for Lawyers - 2019CLC-B07

Productivity Bootcamp Time and E-mail Management for Lawyers - EDU180404

Remote Depositions-ELS200513

Shifting Landscapes: Adapting Your Firm to Emerging Threats-2019CLC-A04

The Business Lawyer's International Toolbox-SIS200220

The Ethical Duty of Technology Competence - EPE181218

The Legal Entrepreneur Conference-EDU191029

The Power of a System and Referral Marketing - VSF181220

Tips and Trends in Digital Marketing - VSF190115

Tips to Digitally Transform Your Law Practice Quickly & Easily-ECS200330

Using MSTeams to Advocate for Clients in CTs Judicial Proceedings-ECS200521

Video Conferencing Privacy and Security Basics-ECS200424

What You Need to Know as Employers Reopen the Workplace-ELE200619

Workers Without Borders - ECS200630