Connecticut Bar Journal (Volume 94, Nos.1&2)

Volume 94, Nos.1&2

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  • 2020 Appellate Review By Wesley W. Horton and Kenneth J. Bartschi
    As they have since 1978, the authors digest and comment on the output of our Supreme and Appellate Courts, and note the impact of COVID-19 on court operations.
  • The Supreme Court on Family Law during the Past Decade (2010-2019) By Jon T. Kukucka and Kelly A. Scott
    The Connecticut Supreme Court decided numerous family law cases 2010-2019, many of which have changed the landscape for family law in important ways. For the first time the Supreme Court recognized the validity of postnuptial agreements; changed the standard for alimony modifications based on one party’s post-divorce increase in earnings alone; addressed child support in high-income cases; clarified the standard for contempt findings; and decided that parties can agree to alter the terms of their judgment at essentially any time.
  • Business Litigation: 2020 In Review By William J. O'Sullivan
    In 2020, Connecticut’s appellate courts decided numerous cases of interest to business litigators. This article is a summary of the year’s most noteworthy decisions.
  • Survey of Caselaw Developments in Labor and Employment Law 2017-2019 (Part II) By Jeffrey J. Mirman
    The three years 2017-2019 saw an increase in union activity, and relations between management and labor have grown increasingly strained. This article will address the significant changes made by the new NLRB during the Trump administration, as well as developments at the State Board and important new legislation.