Connecticut Lawyer Magazine - September/October 2017

CTL Cover - Vol 28 No 1 Volume 28, Number 1

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  • Evaluating Ergonomic Needs in Your Firm By Shani Soloff
    As the legal industry spends more time sitting and using technology, workplace wellness becomes more important in protecting your body for musculoskeletal health and productivity. Learn about reducing risk from discomfort, pain and its adverse sequella, as well as steps to implementing ergonomic measures and programs.
  • The Court's Changing View on Disclosure-only Settlement Agreements Introduction By James T. Shearin and Amanda Gurren
    After nearly a decade of prominence in takeover litigation, so-called disclosure-only settlements are now being scrutinized more than ever. This article uses the two recent Connecticut Superior Court decisions, Bushansky v. Phoenix Cos and Stein v. UIL Holdings Corp., to note the change in Connecticut's corporate jurisprudent landscape.
  • Employment Aspects of the ACA By Timothy Klimpl
    This article will serve as a refresher on key aspects of the Affordable Care Act that affect small and large employers (and their attorneys), and describes legislative proposals that would impact these employment-based aspects of the law.
  • Managing Your Billing By Kristen Wolf and Shari-Lynn Cuomo Shore
    When you own your own law firm, you wear a number of different hats and are no longer just a lawyer. Learn how to lessen the burden on yourself by keeping thorough billing records so you can easily generate invoices, invoice regularly and, hopefully, limit any collections.


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