Due to the current coronavirus crisis, the Resolution of Legal Fee Disputes Program will suspend all cases until the CBA Law Center reopens. Any cases in mediation or arbitration will be up to the discretion of the mediator or arbitrator to move the case to decision or not. Once the declaration of civil preparedness and public health emergencies is lifted and non-essential employees can return to work, the cases will begin to move through the process. All deadlines will be adjusted accordingly.   

The program coordinator can be reached via e-mail on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the event that you have questions.  

Suspension Of Deadlines in The Rules For CBA's Resolution of Legal Fee Disputes Program

The Resolution of Legal Fee Disputes Program allows lawyers and clients with a dispute over the fees incurred for legal services to find a solution to their problem through mediation and/or arbitration, rather than litigation. The dispute resolution process is free, informal, and impartial. Either side may initiate the resolution process. In the case of mediation, a volunteer attorney experienced in mediation techniques will help bring lawyer and client to a mutually satisfactory settlement. In the case of arbitration, a volunteer attorney will decide a case based on written and oral presentations from both sides.

Find out more about the program and filing for dispute resolution below. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pamphlets, download a free version here.

For further information, e-mail ADR Program Coordinator Karen Corrado at feedisputes@ctbar.org.