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The Connecticut Bar Association has formed the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force to respond to the growing legal issues and needs in Connecticut arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The task force includes lawyers, judges, and professionals statewide who will be working collaboratively and swiftly to ensure issues and concerns raised by the legal community and the public are met. 

Through the task force, leaders from these various organizations will be able to maximize their resources to assist the various branches of government, the legal community, and the health care community with addressing the needs of the entire state of Connecticut.  Specifically, the task force will work to identify legal needs arising from the pandemic, make recommendations to address those needs, and help mobilize lawyers and legal professionals to assist individuals who are in need.  

The task has eight subcommittees to help meet the needs of the state of Connecticut including liaison to the executive and legislative branch, legal aid, the public at large, the legal profession, the financial impact on the legal profession, liaison to the judicial branch and federal courts, technology, and law students and law schools.

Task Force Leadership

Barbara J. Collins
The Law Office of Barbara J. Collins
557 Prospect Avenue, Floor 1
Hartford, CT 06105

Monte E. Frank
Pullman & Comley LLC
PO Box 7006
Bridgeport, CT
Dana M. Hrelic
Horton Dowd Bartschi & Levesque PC
90 Gillett St
Hartford, CT

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