CBA Hosts July 2023 Free Legal Advice Clinic

Written Monday, August 7, 2023

On July 25 and 26, The Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) Pro Bono Committee and Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut held a Free Legal Advice Clinic, where 20 volunteer attorneys met with 41 clients over Zoom meetings. Prior to the clinic, 13 volunteer paralegal and law students completed intake forms and asked follow-up questions to help the attorneys prepare for the meetings and provide the best possible legal advice.

Throughout the clinic, volunteer attorneys met with clients and provided free legal guidance on topics involving various areas of law, including family law, immigration, housing, and employment law.

 “These free legal advice clinics provide vital support to individuals and families that cannot afford an attorney,” stated CBA President Maggie Castinado. “I am proud to say that over 200 clients have been served by the clinics over the past year. Thank you to all the attorneys, law students, and paralegals who have dedicated time to participate in them and help close the access to justice gap. I encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering to reach out and get involved in these quarterly events.”

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