The CBA Hosts Lawyer Well-Being Week 2023

Written Tuesday, May 16, 2023

During the first week of May, to celebrate Lawyer Well-Being Week, the CBA Lawyer Well-Being Committee hosted a series of free events for CBA members that took place on each weekday between noon and 1:00 p.m.

Lawyer Well-Being Week commenced on Monday May 1 with a presentation provided by Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers CT (LCL-CT) Executive Director David Williams, who discussed the importance of mental health and the issue of substance abuse amongst attorneys. During his presentation, he shared information regarding the many free and confidential programs and resources offered by LCL-CT. 

On Tuesday, May 2, CBA Director of Continuing Legal Education and Section Programming Tom Genung presented “Lawyers and Stress—Tools for Your Well-Being.” He spoke to attendees about the effects of stress, discussed the stressful experiences specific to attorneys, and drew from his experience with energy healing modalities to provide information on healing arts practices that can assist in releasing stress and tension from the body.

On Wednesday, May 3, meditation teacher Siena Loprinzi discussed the ins and outs of meditation and led attendees through a guided meditation practice. Lopirinzi is a lifelong yoga practitioner; a certified Love Your Brain, brain-injury yoga instructor; an ayurvedic yoga therapist; yin yoga teacher; and herbalist.

CBA Lawyer Well-Being Committee Co-Chair Tanyee Cheung led the program, “Avoiding Burnout,” on Thursday, May 4. Her presentation focused on how to identify the signs of burnout and provided attendees with valuable tools to enable them to combat and overcome burnout.

The last event of Lawyer Well-Being Week, “Stop Chasing Remedies: How to Finally Get Refreshing Sleep,” took place on Friday, May 5 and was led by Sleep and Well-Being Coach Kali Patrick. In her interactive session, she discussed the reasons that most sleep remedies don’t work and provided natural methods for improving sleep and increasing energy.

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